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BM UMP G2 Red Pixelation

Nelson JJ Flores

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Hi everyone,

Does any one know if Black Magic has created a patch or a fix for the Red colors? For example, when I shoot at night, any car brake lights or stop lights I see that the red color seems to go overboard in saturation leading to a distorted pixelated image for that particular color. Any fixes? Or something I'm not finding? I've heard that the pocket 4k doesn't have this issue anymore, so I'm wondering if they even have a fix for the G2 yet. Black Magic forums, I've had no luck finding anything, so maybe someone here may an answer.


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Umm lets see. So I shined my LED panel towards a black memory card case. I started moving the case around, and on the bottom of the picture is where I see some weird distortion. I'm guessing its the reflection that is causing it so I want to see if theres anyway to fix it. I don't have any car brake lights footage unfortunately, but whenever I shot footage at night I would see the red colors shifting as I'm recording and doing playback. 

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Are you objecting to the point where it goes sort of cream-coloured rather than red?

It's just overexposure, or that's what it looks like to me. This is why people obsess over highlight rendering in cameras.

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Spoke to a BM representative regarding this issue, 

"The clip you sent demonstrates a definite clipping in the red channel highlights, exacerbated by the compression factor being set at 8:1. You may get better results at 5:1 or 3:1 here, but no promises. I’ll mention this one to the developers for their consideration."

Hopefully this will help anyone who may experience the same issue.

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