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Bolex EL not working

Moritz Matlik

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I need some advice for my Bolex EL. I used it for a couple of months, it was working fine but then the battery died. After charging there was still no power to run the bolex. So I got the battery recelled, because I thought it will fix the battery but today I got the battery back and its still not running. The lightmeter works, it lights up, but the camera doesn't run. I checked the fuze and changed it but it looked alright. I have a shooting on the weekend and thought I could use it again with the new battery. Hopefully someone got an idea that I can fix this problem by myself. 

Could the charger be dead? 




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I have a Bolex EL too (you can read my post). If you haven't solved the problem yet:

The problem may be:
1) on the battery
2) on the charger
3) on the camera.

With a tester (if you don't have it, you can buy it for a few dollars), measure the battery voltage.
It must be around 12 V (precisely, from 10.5V to 13.5V). Voltage greater than 16.5V will damage the camera. Voltage less than 10.5 V operates the exposure meter but not the camera motor.

If the battery voltage is around 12 V, the problem will be in the camera (battery and charger will be ok). If, on the other hand, the voltage is less than 10.5V, the problem will be on the recelled battery or on the charger.

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