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Is there any kind(or possibilities) of image resolution degeneration in a spirit 2k to D5 transfer ......?


Grade negative on a spirit2K ...take a D5 out....confirm edit on fire using D5 master......send for film out.


Scan negative on spirit2k.....grade on lustre.....confirm edit on lustre/fire....send for film out.

How bad is A vs. B???

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I don't know what the "lustre" is but if you're asking about the quality difference between working with 2K RGB data versus HD-D5 (4:2:2 YUV), it's not so much about resolution as it is color space and compression (i.e. there's less color information on the D5 recording and more compression.) This loss of quality may or may not be very visible to you so do some tests. I find in general that digital intermediates that use HD instead of 2K or 4K data as the intermediate step tend to pick up more of a "video look" but it may be too subtle a loss to bother you, hence why you need to see some tests or shoot your own.


But in general, there's a reason why it's cheaper to work in HD instead of 2K data. Less information to deal with.

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