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Leicina Special Video Tap

Arnaud Lin

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Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone had experience making video taps for Super8 cameras.

I want to experiment setting up one for my Leicina Special, from my research I found that putting mini cctv type camera through the viewfinder and linking that to an external monitor was the most common way to do it. 

If that is the best way, are there more appropriate cameras to use for this application in order to have a good quality image from the viewfinder and have synced frame rate?




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Camera in small housing. A bit like a bullet (from an Elefant rifle). Round shape, lens in front, cable from the rear. Easy to clamp in a holder. It is a bit of pre gopro thing. People used them for filming from a head-band , I believe. Output analogue to go to a recorder or screen. Or now digitizer. 

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There is a french super-8 specialist who offers them for beaulieu.

The trick is that the lens can get close to the eyepiece as if it were an eye. Pickup the image there which beams out as if coming from infinity. The focus of the bullet camera needs to be at infinity. 


It seems bullet cam has changed in meaning. It is now more a type of security camera.

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