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  1. Hey David, are you still interested in making oarts for a GsMo?
  2. Hey Joe, 

    Sorry if you've received my other messages. I'm pretty interested in purchasing a GSMO before the end of the year if possible and since we are both in the LA area I just wanted to check in with you again.




  3. Can anyone who has used /owned the camera tell me their practical experiences?
  4. Hey Joe, I’m hoping to make a move before the end of the year if possible. I’m in LA. Let me know thanks!
  5. I’m looking for full or partial CP 16-R or GSMO’s. thanks!
  6. Let me know. Ebassinhill@gmail.com
  7. Highly fascinating. i found someone to do this work now as custom but I believe he is not in good enough health to accomplish it now.
  8. You’re still talking to me? I really suggest getting outside... It’s clear you’re dead set on being a a keeper of the regular 16mm gate. Pun intended. i look forward to your youtube channel where you claim the wrong film gate dimensions then say it was a typo. as far as the bolex, you tried to get me on board with one then when i asked to see the stuff you’d shot on you said, i never do and sent links to student projects. i’ve come to grips with not having selectable shutter so everything else being equal I still believe the arri 16s modified is a better camera for my purposes, which I’ll remind you, you don’t need to know, but I did tell you enough. And you were helpful, the EBM is interesting and if my arri 16s plan doesn’t work I might go that direction. I appreciated Dom letting me know the reasons behind why a newly manufactured shutter might be needed as well as the scratching and scuffing issue as opposed to your ambiguous and authoritative “if you want your film destroyed” comment. we’re here looking for info on film and tools. Why does it have to be taken so personally? You’d be doing a load of good if you’d explain your thoughts more. Why do you believe that despite evidence of successful conversions it won’t work now?
  9. it's interesting you're claiming your misinformation on s16 gate size was a typo when you had said the exact same wrong size before. I think you might need to take a big step back and learn to admit mistakes as well as maybe take a break from the responding to us "helpless" souls. as I said before I appreciated you giving info, but it was unsolicited and apparently at times incorrect.
  10. This question was for Dom who had showed the capacity to share knowledge without feeling threatened by other film users with different ideas than you. I’m going to assume it will be ashutter extension just like almost every other s16 conversion. Does your precious $5k bolex install a new shutter?
  11. Literally no one had asked you what camera to buy. But we are all awaiting your youtube masterclasses on the subject.
  12. Dom, I’m curious what issues with an arri 16s might you have with conversion. I found a tech referred through visual products who says he has done the convert many times. Just curious what i should be asking about.
  13. Have you looked on ebay? There are already converted scoopics. Try contacting Visual Products. Rick is extremely nice and knows everyone across the country it seems. Du-all camera is also extremely nice and may have answers to your questions. Whatever you do, don’t mind the haters and gate keepers. One of the above posters spent his entire day attempting to help me and disputing what I wanted to do with a camera and wrote it off. Just today I found the conversion tech to do the work and the price is extremely reasonable despite otherwise expert opinions. Only you understand why you may want to work how you do.
  14. Biggest issue for me is non reflex viewing, non variable 180° shutter, and no ability to shoot 22fps dr bolex converted an arri 16s?
  15. That’s who i was hoping to find! His number doesn’t seem to be connected anymore though.
  16. Yeah I spoke with them. I’m guessing that means you havent found anyone to do the conversion? Maybe we can team together and convince someone it’s worthwhile.
  17. Does anyone know a tech who does this service for arri 16s as well as swapping to PL Mount?
  18. I’m looking for a classic pro. Anyone selling?
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