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Double X with colour filters

Edward Hiscox

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You'd use them for the same reasons you'd use them on any b&w panchromatic film, to alter color contrast.  Now indoors where contrast is also controlled by lighting, they are used less often unless you want to play around with flesh tone response (make people look paler by using a red filter, etc.) though again with careful lighting, you could overexpose a face separately from the background.  Outdoors they get used all the time to alter contrast in colors (redder filters make skies and shadows go darker because they have blue in them, faces and lips get lighter because they have red in them, green filters make plants lighter, freckles on faces are more obvious, etc.)

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1 hour ago, Albion Hockney said:

You should look into the cinematography of the lighthouse which was shot on Double X with a custom color filter. 

Will do! Love the Lighthouse. Do you have any recommendations articles wise?

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