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  1. I'am editing a short film that I shot this Summer, and I would like to change the aspect ratio. I'm working with iMovie as this is the only program I have to my availability right now. I hope anyone knows how to do this? I would like to change it to either 4:3 or 16:9. I included a screenshot as I also would like to cut away the left and right side of the film a bit.
  2. I actually still haven’t seen the movie. Was going to see it in 70mm, but then my girlfriend catched a cold and had to stay home and get her tested for Covid-19.... The test came out negative luckily. Still bummed out, but gonna see it soon digitally.
  3. I’m going to see a 70mm screening next Saturday in Amsterdam. Really looking forward to it, I love 70mm screenings!
  4. Oh, bummer... and Les Bosher from the UK?
  5. Bernie O’Doherty from Super16 helped me with the exact situation https://www.super16inc.com
  6. I thought I'd post this for anyone who might be interested. They really go in depth about the whole process and about working with PTA.
  7. So turning the lens I would have to turn it anti clockwise?
  8. Thanks Heikki, I’ll try it out and let you know
  9. The mount stays still as I securely tighten it, putting the little pin on the back of the adapter into the little slot on the camera mount. But as I turn the lens into the adapter, it won’t tighten.
  10. How do I post photos? 😅 the adapter is attached securely with the little pin onto the camera mount.
  11. I have a project coming up next weekend and would like to use my Angenieux 12-120. I attach the lens to my ACL with a Cameflex adapter. But I can't tighten the lens into the adapter. It was on its way to Bernie for him to check it out, but it got delivered back to me before it even left the country, due to a fault. To cut a long story short: the lens seems to work as its supposed to. The aperture, zoom and focus work. But with a little too much force, the whole lens turns along. I'm still really wondering if I can use the lens, though. As I said earlier, everything works great except for the tightening problem. I have no time to do a film test or send the lens back before I start shooting. So if anyone can advice me, this would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  12. It’s been officially delayed for two weeks. So July 31th is the new release date.
  13. Will do! Love the Lighthouse. Do you have any recommendations articles wise?
  14. Is it also recommended to use colour filters while shooting Double X?
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