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  1. I have a Angenieux 12-120 with Cameflex mount that I attach to my ACL with a Cameflex mount adapter. At the end of a Eclair manual that I have, it says you should turn the lens clockwise into the adapter until it tightens. But in my case, I can keep turning it endlessly. I'm I missing something? Does anyone know what could be the problem and/or how I can fix this?
  2. Bummer... Over here, the movie theaters will open again soon (with a max 30 people limitation per screening). But I would’ve been able to see it...
  3. It's set for July. But with the pandemic situation, nobody knows for sure.
  4. Second trailer came up a couple of hours ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3pk_TBkihU
  5. Have you tried contacting Bernie from Super16Inc? He attached the Kinoptik viewfinder onto my Eclair a while ago. I also didn't have the mount piece, but he did.
  6. I don’t know as I have the crystal sync with all speeds. But maybe this is of any help: https://eclaircameras.wordpress.com/acl/
  7. Thanks! Is the HEC 12-120 much better in comparison with the earlier 12-120? I’ll keep the 9.5-57 in mind for sure.
  8. @Dom Jaeger Do you actually have any recommendations for a zoom lens that’s sharper than the 12-120 and not that more expensive?
  9. Yes. I put the lens in front of a window and measured as far and close as I could. Also yes. I guess I’ll contact the seller as soon as possible because this seems not okay at all.
  10. Let me start off with something that I forgot to say earlier 😓 My main ACL is currently at Bernie's for a modification so I used another ACL body that I have. Which hasn't been serviced as I don't use it. So maybe it's because of the camera? Although I have to say that I have no problem focussing with my other C mount zoom lens (17-85mm). No, it lines up between 6 and 7ft. Nope, from 12mm to 30mm is all out of focus. At 40mm it's only in focus when I have it at 5ft. Just a turn with the ring and it shifts out of focus again quickly. At 5ft. I had the zoom at 120mm. Any other setting was completely out of focus and only at 120mm and 5ft, I had it sharp. I'm quite sure it's as tight as can be. I feel no resistant whatsoever and when I turn the lens onto the camera mount, it takes as long to turn as it is with my other C mount lenses.
  11. This. It shifts a little but stays out of focus. That’s what I was actually afraid of. I asked around and the only thing that people told me was about the viewfinder but not that it changes the image quality. That’s a bummer... My guess is that either the back-focus is way off or that the mount isn’t set up correctly. Or a combination of both. Is it worth getting the lens checked and fixed, or would it be too much hassle and not worth it?
  12. I got a Angenieux 12-120mm 10x12A lens, with the silver Bolex H16 RX mount today. I was told it was tested and in excellent condition, but I did come across a problem however: the lens won’t focus at its widest position (12mm). It does focus at some positions like 50mm and I’m wondering what the problem could be? It’s a C mount so it should work on my ACL. Could it be that it just needs to be calibrated and checked, or is there something that I didn’t know and (perhaps) can fix myself?
  13. Do you mean on Super 16 or also 16mm? I was once told that 35mm lenses don’t go with 16mm because of focal length etc.
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