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Matching Zoom for Zeiss SuperSpeeds mk3

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Hello, I am in process of choosing glass for a project and I need to find a zoom lens that matches (or at least gets close to) Zeiss SS mk3 lenses.

I was considering the old Ang 25-250.

Does anybody have some tips on this? Ideally I will go to a rental house to test some lenses, however I would like to go with a better idea.



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Zeiss Super-Speeds are pretty sharp and contrasty -- I paired them with an Ang. Optimo zoom when I shot "The Love Witch".  A modern Fujinon zoom might be good too.  Older zooms are going to be softer unless stopped down, and probably less contrasty but you can match that in color-correction.

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I've always found this a good reference for sharpness + contrast with super speeds...wide open or looking into extremely contrasty situations you might consider them to have a very vintage look, but I tend to be surprised by how they well they can sharpen up. 


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