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Nizo S8 - PX-13 Batteries

Sarah Zanon

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Hello! I have a Nizo S8 that requires a PX-13 battery for the light meter. I've done some research and found that the "Wein MRB625 1.35V Zinc-Air Battery" was made to replace it, but given that its availability isn't so accessible I'm looking at other options. I've read that the #675 hearing aid zinc-air battery can replace it, but have been seeing mixed reviews.

Does anyone have any experience/insight on this? Wondering what my best option is. 



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9 minutes ago, Mark Dunn said:

Thank you! Yeah, I've seen some on B&H as well as Canadian Amazon (triple the price), but I'm looking for a more accessible option. I've heard these batteries don't last very long and don't want to have to order them every single time if I don't have to.

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does not work on this particular battery issue but I am working on converting the Leicina S light meter to work with a simple voltage regulator so that it uses the same main battery than the actual camera motor. No need for separate light meter battery anymore. It needs wiring a small additional circuit board to the battery holder wires inside the camera (or can be done with external wiring but it will look ugly) . anyway, if you are diy oriented one can do this kind of solution pretty easily and the parts cost something like 3 dollars or so

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