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B&H 134 Lubrication Points

Christopher Lillja

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Trying to find basic maintenance info for my newly-acquired B&H 134 8mm. This one is a Turret model. Still tracking down lenses, but I'd like to at least lubricate and clean the thing before I run film through it. Unlike my Filmo 70, I can't any manuals on the net.

Folks have told me that the US-made 134 turret models don't take straight D-mount lenses? True? If so, does the B&H mount have a name? Any adapters possible?

Any help and info much appreciated.

Chris L.

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The 134 T has lens mount threads a little wider than the D-mount one, also different in pitch and flank angle. Adapters can be found, they look like this:


I do repair and service of Bell & Howell equipment, give a three years warranty for my work. Let me express that a thorough overhaul can’t harm. Different to a Filmo 70 a little oil won’t do, the old grease should be removed on a complete disassembly. The turret disc, by the way, can be replaced by a new one with D or C or CS threads. In case of interest I’d quote such an upgrade. Greetings

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This was my first Standard 8 camera, given to me by a now retired camera tech who taught me to service Bolexes.

Beautiful little machines, and remarkably steady considering the simplicity of the transport - no sprocket rollers to form a fixed loop, or even a break roller to assist, like in the pocket Bolexes. It does mean that the take-up tension can't be too strong, or it will pull on the film during exposure. 

From memory these cameras are pretty simple to open and inspect the mechanics. Go through the film chamber. The take-up uses a slip disc that needs a light grease after cleaning the old grease off. Bearings need a drop of oil. 

I find it much easier to buy a camera with lenses (and in this case matching finder lenses) already attached. Trying to buy the right lenses and finder lenses can be problematic and expensive. You'll probably be better off buying another camera with lenses and finders. From memory the US 8mm magazine cameras used the same lenses, and are usually cheaper. Much finer thread than D mount, shorter flange depth and only a very short thread protrusion. I don't know what the thread was called, I just call it B&H mount.

Among others, the famous firm of Taylor, Taylor & Hobson made lenses for these cameras which are lovely. They made both D mount and B&H mount ones. If I remember right some lenses had both screw threads with a screw-on ring that covered the D mount thread for use on US B&H cameras:


There were adapters for the cameras too, but again, it's hard to find them. I only came across one accidentally when I bought a camera that had a D mount lens adapted to it.

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Thank you very much, Simon and Dom! Very good information. I may take Simon up on his camera service, but I'm still collecting the various bits and pieces - I want to sure I have a sound candidate for long-term use before I invest in a proper clean, lube, and adjust. Dom - thanks for the photos of the B&H turret mount. I wonder how many of the cameras were stripped of their fine lenses by M43 still photographers only to find out they are NOT d-mount!?

My 134 is in very nice shape, seems complete and fully operable - except for the lenses. The objectives are all still there .25" - .5" and 1.5" - I think I may have the proper .5" lens from the same seller as the camera. Gonna keep looking for the other two. The wide angle seems to be very hard to find - there are no wide angles listed for the 8mm Filmos in the 1938 or 1948 accessories list.

I really wanted know about the lubrication points - looks like there are two on the back of the camera right below the viewfinder eyepiece. I can also see one under the turret plate for the shutter. Thinking one small drop of light machine oil on each spot can't hurt while testing.

Just picked up a parts camera very inexpensively - I will use it for further explorations. Is the main spring caged or otherwise contained? (I will stay away if not.) Can the front turret be removed safely? Then the plate under the turret on the front of the camera?

Thanks all, my first post here - again, much appreciated!


Chris L.

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