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Can someone identify the problem with this Aaton mag?

Simon Gulergun

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A friend sent me these photos from her set, I'm not familiar with exactly what's happening here. The other magazine is working fine, but not this one, Aaton XTR. Does anyone know? Thank you!

IMG_0964 copy.heic IMG_0965 copy.heic

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For starters, tell them not to tape the film to the core.

It's hard to make an exact diagnosis from the pictures.  Certainly, the film coming out of the lower sprocket started to accordion and got sucked into the upper sprocket.  But without physically inspecting the magazine, I can only guess that it was either loaded incorrectly - most of the time, it's from not following the film path correctly, too much slack somewhere, not closing the sprocket guides, etc. - or that there's some mechanical issue like the belt slipping or a gear being broken.  

Has your friend tried turning the magazine without film?  The take-up spindle and the two sprockets should all turn together if you rotate the spindle counter-clockwise.  What happens when you thread in the film, place the magazine on the camera with the take-up door open, and run the camera at 1 fps?  

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I find 14 frames showing NOT the 15 frames showing when you load the film on the take-up side to make the 'loop' is crucial to good movement of the film inside the magazine......also make sure you get a lock on each of the curved things above the rollers haha cant remember technical name....if they dont lock with a noticeable sound you're in trouble and film will fly off.....it's not good enough that it goes into place....you have to hear a lock sound "clack' for each one

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