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A light bulb in my Bolex H16 Rex 3 ???

Kenichi Rei

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I recently bought a Bolex H16 Rex 3 and it has a sync socket on the lid and a spike with a tiny hole in the back side of the lid.

I connected a flash on it but it doesn't flash, so I opened it and found there is something like a light bulb inside.

Does anyone know what it does?

2020-10-29 23.00.07edit.jpeg

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3 hours ago, Dom Jaeger said:

It’s a “bloop light”, to fog a few frames as a form of in-camera slate. They were used to sync with sound recorders like Nagras back in the day.

oh, I see.

I can’t find this on other Bolex but is this was original or someone modified it?


2 hours ago, Phil Rhodes said:

Is that a little neon tube?

It doesn’t have filament inside so I think it is some sort of discharge lamp like neon tube.

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