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Lens turret for Eclair NPR

Aren Madsen

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Hi everyone, 

I recently bought a very early Eclair NPR from France, serial no 199. The lens turret on it is a c-mount on both bottom and top mounts which is quite uncommon. 

Does anybody know where I could get a turret that has the Cameflex mount or know someone who might have one or a parts camera that I could have one off?

Kind regards


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19 hours ago, Giray Izcan said:

Visual Pdoducts has C mount to PL adapter. I would get that if I were you.

Wouldn't that adaptor cause the lens to have a different distance from the film plane to what it was designed for, meaning no infinity focus is possible? 

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For NPR owners, they ask that you send the camera in as the front of the camera where the mirror shutter is sticks out too much so they shave it off a bit so that it physically fits there. It is a 500 dollar professional adapter so no issues with infinity focus etc.

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