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  1. Does the aperture still do it's job the same way since as you say the lens is essentially being magnified 3x?
  2. Hi, Has anyone here had any experience using 35mm SLR lenses on an Eclair NPR? I'm planning on using some Minolta Rokkor lenses on mine using a C mount adaptor. If you've used SLR lenses on an NPR, how well did it work, was the coverage good, any tips or tricks? Thanks
  3. I've seen them on eBay occasionally, keep an eye out, best of luck
  4. Very true, I used a Zoom H5 audio recorder with a stereo shotgun mic, it's a mono shotgun mic with two small left and right side mics as well. I'd highly recommend some sort of shotgun mic when recording around a 16mm camera as to pick up the least camera noise. How's your 16s been to use? What's the viewfinder on them like? I've heard they have nice lenses.
  5. Thanks for responding, I understand your point you make about the turret locking in, it hasn't been an issue for me yet, maybe the camera you used hadn't had the turret pin lubricated in a while, mine slides right in. I was quite surprised yesterday with just how quiet the camera was, mine hadn't been used since the 80s and all I did was clean it up a bit. When listening to the audio from the shoot I can't even hear the camera even when the audio recorder was close to the camera.
  6. Yesterday I shot my first ever roll in my new Eclair NPR. It was a 400' roll of 50d, a short skit with some friends. It was really fun shooting with it and the camera was great to use, I'll remember this first roll. What were your first experiences with the Eclair NPR? What did you shoot? How did it go?
  7. I've had luck finding all sorts of Eclair parts using a VPN connected to France and searching Eclair or Eclair 16 and stuff like that on french eBay.
  8. I had no idea they only ever made 26, wow. What was the series you used it on? Also, what was the viewfinder like?
  9. Wouldn't that adaptor cause the lens to have a different distance from the film plane to what it was designed for, meaning no infinity focus is possible?
  10. Hello, I'm intrigued by the Panavision Elaine 16mm camera which seemed like a good camera that never seems to get used anymore and is largely forgotten. It was introduced in 1987 but the only thing I know was shot with it was some of 'Malcolm In The Middle' back in the 90s. I'm assuming it was used primarily for TV. Has anyone here had any experience with it or used one recently? What are your thoughts on it, what was it like to use? Kind regards - Aren
  11. Hi everyone, I recently bought a very early Eclair NPR from France, serial no 199. The lens turret on it is a c-mount on both bottom and top mounts which is quite uncommon. Does anybody know where I could get a turret that has the Cameflex mount or know someone who might have one or a parts camera that I could have one off? Kind regards Aren
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