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Arriflex SR2 Viewfinder Cleaning

Deniz Cooper

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Thank you for all the answers of my last topic. 

Now I have a question regarding the viewfinder of my SR2. There are some dirty spots in the frame when I look through it. The lens is clean so it must be the viewfinder. How can I clean it? Can I open / unscrew it from the body? Any recommendations? 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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There are a number of places within the viewfinder system where dirt specks could become visible, but most often it’s either on the surfaces where the eyepiece joins the viewfinder, on the optic just above the groundglass, or on the groundglass itself (Arri sometimes calls it a fibre screen).

You can easily unscrew the eyepiece lock ring and remove the eyepiece to clean those surfaces, and you can also remove the groundglass to blow specks off it with a blower. (The groundglass removal process is described in the manual and is best done with Hirschman forceps - like tweezers with a grabbing claw). Avoid touching the groundglass surface as it’s easily damaged.

The other parts of the viewfinder are too difficult to access without specialist tools and knowledge, so if the dirt remains visible you can either live with it or take the camera to an experienced Arri technician for cleaning.

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It should just unscrew, from memory clockwise when looking from the eyepiece side (ie the ring is captive on the camera side and screws onto the eyepiece). It’s the knurled silver ring furthest from the eyepiece, not the thinner black ring that locks the diopter adjustment. Check the manual if in doubt.

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The eyepiece (B) will remain stationary, it is keyed in place, but the chrome ring (A) turns clockwise (viewed from behind the camera looking thru the eyepiece). 

I would also check the fibre-optics screen/groundglass, if the dirty spots in the frame are sharp when looking thru the eyepiece.

Best, -Tim

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