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16 mm filter use (glimmer, blackpromised, stars ... )

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Hi to all,

I am seeking for example of filter use on 16 mm. It can go from glimmer, black promised to effect filters like stars and else (ideally from footages, test or existing movies)

Shooting soon on aaton xtr, zeiss 12 mm + zeiss zoom 20-120 + eventually 7219. A dance performance in a studio with natural light , about T'4 coming from outside with top windows.


Thanks in advance

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Having bought my star filter (3x3" 4pt Star 1mm) just under a month ago, I haven't had a chance to use it with actual 16mm film yet. However, I used in this video I shot with BMPCC. The sensor size matches quite well with super16 so it might give at least some sense how it behaves:

Lenses used were old Zeiss Arriflex Standard T2 8mm, 16mm and 25mm.


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Oh thanks Heikki, really cool example !

As the lightning will be natural in my case and because of the location and choregraphy, i do not intend to put lights in the field of view as you did with candles and reflection, although i really like the look of it. Therefore i think stars filters would be under-used in my case, it would make the skin of the singer and dancers very 'creamy' , and i do not see the advantage of it in a naturalistic approach of the location (a hangar/industrial loft), let me know if i am mistaken ?

here is something i shot with glimmer filter and zeiss cp2 50 mm macro on alexa mini ?

cheers and thanks ?

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You are welcome! I agree, I think the star filter works best when there are lights in the image. Combined with clothing that has sequins the effect can be really nice and sparkly. But I guess it can be also a bit "cheesy" so better not use it too often ? I wouldn't use this filter for natural light.


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