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Bell and Howell Filmo 75

Pavan Deep

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 I know this camera is popular among collectors, but I would like to hear from anyone who has actually used this camera to film with so they can share their experiences and what kind of images it produce.


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In my amateur opinion, there are a lot better cameras to use to film with. The best thing the 75 has going for it, is that really snazzy covering. I bought one from a charity shop for a few dollars and it had a 1" Cooke Kinic as well as a 3" Cooke Telekinic. Those are great lenses but the camera, not so much. The mount is not native C, it's actually like a D mount but proprietary, as C mount lenses need an adapter. The camera operated but did so unstably, so it's a source for parts now. If I had a hankering to shoot with that form factor camera, I'd find a Keystone ready to shoot 1R and have fun.

Phil Forrest

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