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M4/3 documentary camera / is there a market?

Julian Moser

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Hello everyone,

Not much of a question, but I´d still like to hear what people think about this.

I just finished a documentary that we shot on the GH5s because we had to be low profile, nimble and often in low light situations.

The handling of DSLR/DSLM cameras to me is always a nightmare no matter what you do and yet there is nothing that beats the quality/size package for places where you can´t work with a bigger camera.

I guess an ideal camcorder for these kind of projects would be a camera in between the GH5s and an EVA with a M4/3 sensor. I wouldn´t even mind an integrated lens.

I never used the DVX200 because it seemed too clunky and from all I´ve heard almost unusable in low light.

I just wish there would be a digital run and gun 16mm style camera. Seems like the ingredients are there, but with manufacturers focusing on FF now I feel like this ship has probably sailed....






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there is block style cameras like the Z-Cam E2-M4 and the similar style system from Panasonic. they have M43 sensor and are relatively small and handy. you will need a external monitor though

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