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Krasnogorsk K3 Troubleshooting

Tim Pfautsch

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I have a K3 that I have not yet successfully used. At some point the bottom reel always becomes very loose and produces spaghetti.

I narrowed it down to the following: 

I can not reproduce the problem when the camera is opening. But whenever I put the lid on the camera and I let it run for a few seconds, the film is wound loosely around the bottom. I feel like the bottom spool can not spin freely or smoothly because it gets stuck between somehow by the lid.

Anyone know of such a behaviour?

I already ruined two 100ft rolls of film. Its becoming expensive... Please help.

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There is a small triangular black plastic piece that keeps the film leveled while the film enters the sprockets area. Make sure you have that one in place. I had a camera that didn't have that piece and it used to do what you describe every time.

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