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rods on super 8

Phillip Mosness

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Does anyone have any practical experience getting 15mm rods onto super8?

The problem I'm having is my cameras Leicina Special and Beaulieu 6008 both have offset tripod mounts so the rods on a Zacuto style baseplate end up being way off.

Any solutions would be awesome.


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The Leicina should be too hard to fix. A nice low body and firm thread-position. The budget rod systems often enough have a small block to lift the camera (a dSLR these days) somewhat up to allow the focus to fit underneath. This works well with the Leicina. 🙂

The 6008 needs a wedge to make it point horizontal when on a horizontal surface (like your tripod head with a rod-set). With that it should be possible but the optical axis is fairly then. Also the grip interferes with positioning a focuser 😞

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14 hours ago, Roger Haney said:

I’ve seen some rods on eBay with a wedge designed specifically for Beaulieu’s.

There is a specially designed machined brick of coated aluminium which can take a 4008 and mount a pair of rods to the camera. I am not sure if it is on eBay. It cost more than most pay for their 4008 🙂



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