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Arriflex 16s - battery solution

Lewis Hart

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Hi all, hope everyones well 

new to Arri 16mm,

interested to pick up a 16S tomorrow, the chap hasn't used it in some time has struggled to find a battery solution for it, he used some bike batteries for it he said, which I believe to be 6v, hence why it Never ran properly, (not sure he's super knowledgable etc) he has shot film and developed it, showed me etc, so it works. 

Has anyone found a good solution for a 8v source, ideally belt clipped, I know some have used a 12v power pack, with a resistor to bring it down to around 8v.

Some posts I've seen some have used Bosch / various power tool batteries with a custom XLR setup, I guess these had resistors / potentiometers as they are usually 14+ v.

I was hoping to use a V mount battery clip solution, as those are 14.v and you can step down im sure with a P to 8v? just guessing here. 


second question: 

I know the torque motor as far as im aware needs 6-8v, and the camera 8v, with both obviously needing a certain amperage to run properly.

Could anyone give any ideas or what they've used that's worked with running the camera both from the 100ft rolls inside and if possible a solution for the 400ft mag up top - a battery solution and what amperage / voltage you need to power up both properly. 


I believe the camera has the wild motor with the R-F on it, Is this the one that goes from 4-40fps? 


thanks ahead for any help



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You might consider having your camera converted to a 12v, 4-pin XLR power plug. That's what I did, and I am able to use a belt clipped battery like this one:


This is what I use to power my camera for 100-foot loads. 

Wooden Camera also sells a V mount battery plate and a D tap to 4-pin XLR cable.



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