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  1. Hi - Now that Super 16 is no longer accepting new work I'm in need of a place to send my spring wound 35mm cameras (Eyemos and DeVrys) for adjustments and repairs. Is anyone aware of any shops that will give bench time to older, fully mechanical cameras? Thanks, Aaron
  2. True, but Super 16, Inc. is not accepting new work.
  3. I should have been more specific. Is anyone aware of any shops in the States that are still doing CLAs on Nizo and later, higher end Canon Super 8 cameras? Thanks again, Aaron
  4. Hi - Is anyone aware of any shops in the States that are still doing CLAs on Super 8 cameras? Thanks! Aaron
  5. Cool - I'm talking to him about getting one. Thanks!
  6. My camera is an RX-5. I didn't type the full name - sorry about that. Aaron
  7. After fixing the non-telescoping viewfinder on my RX I now have the opposite problem: the screw on the adjustment ring will not tighten, so I can't lock the viewfinder into place and keep it from telescoping in and out. Nothing on the viewfinder appears cracked - any ideas on how to remedy this? Thanks, Aaron
  8. Expired 5222. The film had been sitting for a long time. Thanks for all the hints on what to look for. I'll check all that stuff out - including the camera vibration - and hopefully I'll be be able to resolve the issue.
  9. Hi, I took an antique DeVry camera for a spin and recently had the film processed and scanned. The camera operates smoothly, but produces a very unsteady image. DeVrys have a simple claw mechanism - any hints on what I might be able to do to improve the image? Here's the footage showing the issue: https://vimeo.com/497963524 I'm not expecting that a camera that's at least ninety years old will produce a perfect image, but something a little better would be awesome. Thanks! Aaron
  10. It's serviced! It works! It's on eBay! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bolex-Rex-5-Serviced-Works-Free-Shipping/203246177341 Thanks for checking it out.
  11. Hi - I just purchased an Arri S that's been sitting for some time. Motor runs, battery belt holds a charge, but this thing definitely needs oiled (not greased - oiled, as per the manual). Is 3-in-One oil OK to use, or should I be looking for something different. Thanks! Aaron
  12. Hi! I'm in the market for an Eyemo. Please DM me if you have one for sale. Thanks! Aaron
  13. -- this was the issue. The eyepiece is totally disconnected from the adjustment ring, but it does telescope in and out, so I was able to adjust the eyepiece manually and then lock it into place. Thanks for your help!
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