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Alexa Classic worth it in 2021?

Matthew W. Phillips

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I hope I’m not that off topic here, but I would like to ask your opinion on the pricing of the Alexa Classic. I’ve been thinking of getting one for quite some time, however, I can’t believe the prices I see on the brokerage sites and ebay.  It makes absolutely zero sense to spend 10000 euros on a Classic  even if it is coming directly from Arri. Other brokerage sites sell it between 5000 and 9000 (euro) it depends on accessories and model, licenses etc.   In my opinion all these prices are exaggerated. Agreed, the image that comes from this camera is great but the form factor/weight, battery life, the need for an external recorder, expensive support system, crazy expensive stabilization options, make it absolutely not worth it for a production company, and honestly I don’t think many people rent these units nowadays. So the professionals are out, since they are much more likely to make money with a Mini and probably have the funds to buy one. That leaves maybe small companies, owner-operators and of course enthusiasts, so none that could really justify getting the Classic in that price range. I have seen sensible offers, of course, a Classic with plenty of accessories (including other lens mounts) sold in Berlin for 3900 euros (I believe) after being listed for a long time on reduser at a higher price. I believe that price was closer to reality.   What do you think a Classic should cost these days?  

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2 minutes ago, Cristian Tascianu said:

What do you think a Classic should cost these days?  


I am not sure of what they are worth as far as a book value, but I wouldnt pay more than $3,500 for one. (I am in US so not exactly sure what that would correlate in Euros). Even at that price, if it had > 7500 hrs on the sensor, I probably wouldnt buy it regardless of the price. That is just me. I probably wont find that gem that is prices in that realm with that low of hours but then I guess I wont buy one.

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