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REAL FILM at film festivals...

Lance Lucero

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REAL FILM at film festivals...  Kind of makes sense, right?  Well, not on the modern "film" festival circuit.  Every film festival I have attended or been a part of the last five years (live or online) is primarily about HD.

Usually I am the only filmmaker who shoots on film when my films play at a festival, unless the festival is truly specific to ACTUAL FILM, like the United States Super 8 Film and Digital Video Festival.  You see how the title of the festival states FILM and digital video...?

Recently I attended the 2022 Spring Austin Micro Film Festival.  A really cool Festival!  I had two experimental films play,




Both films shot on Super 8.  I was surprised to see another film the was shot on film at the festival, and it was really good!

I am pleased to announce that my latest short film THE UNMENTIONABLES (16mm, Tri-X 7266) will play at the 2022 Oregon Short Film Festival. 

I hope to see more films shot on film in the future!  Don't give up on it!

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