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Using 100ft take up spools as guide rollers with Bolex 400ft mag

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Hey all,

So I’m looking to use a 400ft magazine on my Bolex EBM this weekend and the only piece I’m missing is the 2 rollers that go inside the camera body and guide the film back into the magazine.

Wondering if it is possible to use empty 100ft spools in place of these rollers? Any insight or experience would be greatly appreciated!

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I shudder to think of the wear on the film. Maybe it's possible to glue in some velvet strips or similar to prevent that happening, so only the film's edges make contact. 

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No I would not recommend using spools, they will scratch the film if used for this purpose. You could possibly make or 3D print something that spins freely and only contacts the film edges, but honestly, just buy the proper rollers:




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