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Canon Auto Zoom 814 Manual Aperture Issue

Gabi Bucataru

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Hi everyone!

So, I have an issue with the manual aperture control in a Canon Auto Zoom 814 (when pulled out, in manual mode). The aperture needle is being moved while turning the aperture control counter-clockwise, but it does not stay in the f/stop position I want it to stay and goes back to the left position). Does anyone happen to encounter this issue with this camera?

I filmed a cartridge which looked decent in auto-mode (EE/manual aperture ring pushed in), but was going to experiment a little with some backlighting.

Here's a video of the needle through the viewfinder as I turn the ring counter-clockwise:


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Hi, by chance here, you're not pushing the knob adjuster back in after setting it are you?  If so, it will just to back to AutoExposure.  If you're leaving it pulled out after setting it manually, and then it's drifting back down to full open, it could be a battery power issue for the light meter. If it's weak, the default is to open aperture.  I wish this knob were truly mechanical, but it's actually electrical, like a volume control of sorts.  Double check your meter battery....wish, even if weak might work fine in AutoExposure..but in Manual Mode....it requires more power to maintain the setting.


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How did it work out Gabi?

I also wish it were mechanical. I'm hoping manual will hold up long enough to make some good things. Jeff at DuAll told me to be very careful with the turning of that because if it breaks it's hard to fix, requiring opening it all up. 




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