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  1. Can someone tell me what type of mode I would be best using on my computer screen for doing post? I'm just learning, the situation is me shooting something, then editing and practicing correction etc on my iMac iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019) in my apartment, and posting it on vimeo, youtube etc. That's it. Thanks! DEK
  2. Hello! I'm making a short film set in 1938 Spain in the civil war. I want a drone shot rising from eye level on a group of people crossing a bridge to a wide shot at about 70 feet altitude. I want to remove some cellophone towers and add some distant houses, (distant because of the altitude) some houses bombed out and incomplete, some smoke. How can I remove objects and add objects to the moving image? I see it in movies but I don't know how to do it. I use FCPX but I could also do it in Premiere Pro or DaVinci if there were no choice. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Max. I'm a crew of one, and i was just THAT shaky on the C100 with primes. Would it be better if i took out the notes to myself? i find it helpful as i work. I shot all I could before COVID-19 came around, so I'm trying to think how to proceed. What the strengths are and what the weaknesses are as it stands.
  4. Is there a proper part of the forum I've missed where people share for reactions, criticism and help with their projects? Thanks!
  5. I'm shooting on a C100 1080 footage and I want to buy a Mac...perhaps I'll move to 4k at some point in the next couple years but my interests are drama psychological and not really action or heavy fx...but I want things to go smoothly and fast. Also wanna have Logic on the Mac for my musical work (violinist & composer) Suggestions for fast, smooth and open for heavier needs in the future? Happy holidaze and happy New year too.
  6. Sorry if this is outside the scope of this forum, but I thought I'd throw it out there: If I needed a shot of an airplane aerofoil or a wing in a wind tunnel, and the wind increases approaching the critical limit, passing it and the wing fails and blows apart, isn't there a problem if I make a small scale paper model and video it blowing apart when the wind reaches 5 mph? Problem of how materials fail at this scale as opposed to full scale? Even if it's filmed at a high frame rate and the frames of the structural failure are played in slow motion... Any thoughts or is there a helpful resource anyone knows about?
  7. I think it's certainly worth lookin into how much a good vfx guy costs, even for this shoot. Would be worth it to learn from her/him AND get a nice product. Thanks guys!
  8. Woh...ok i opened up a large world here...jeez. So I'm not with a large company, I'm just a guy shooting video, so there's no experts on board to consult. I had no idea about the vastness of this...looks like I've got something new to learn about. My scene is a parody of a heads-up no-limit Hold Em scene, the simulated location: a casino. I wanted to move the camera on a 2 shot against a greenscreen. Or handheld. Not a big deal to keep it immobile. At this point it's more important to get the basic shot locked down. The cam mvt isn't so crucial. But i would like to ask: What's this parallax effect? How is it different from simply photographing movement where that which is closer appears to move faster than that which is farther away? When I look at these examples of course i sense something markedly different, but i can't put my finger on what precisely is going on. Is something exaggerated?
  9. Anyone have good pointers for setting up a chroma key situation for small-scale dolly & crane shots as well as hand held in front of green screen? Do I need different shapes or will crosses do? Do i need to place markers on a stationary object in the foreground of the acting area as well for reference points closer to camera to help DaVinci 16 or PrePro determine what's going on?
  10. There are scenes in dark places but the top lights are very bright and have a glare as well. Is that done with a lens filter or in post or are lights really that strong on set? I wanna shoot a poker table in a dark space with that type of top light... Tnx!
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