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  1. Oh man, sorry this got totally lost in the months. Thanks guys for the input!
  2. This was a cartridge of Kodak Vision 3 500T. As far as I know, there's no sign in viewfinder, but there could be and i haven't seen it illuminate yet. Very scant info on this camera online. Actually, zero info haha. Even the folks at Leica US have no idea. Even the folks at Leica GERMANY HQ have no idea.
  3. On the Leicina Super there's no indication of the film ending point. There's only the red portion of the run flag has filled the entire vertical frame made for it on the left of the viewfinder, indicating you have roughly 1/4 of the reel left. Since I did testing both in 24 and 18 I can't really know how much time that is. As far as I can tell.
  4. From what you said, I get some important and helpful points. That it would be unusual for the motor to stop once the film runs out is comforting. That suggests it's ok that it keeps going. The Manual you've got there is for the RT-1. I have the previous model, the basic Leicina Super. I'd mentioned "the skinny indicator window on the left side of the viewfinder": that's what you refer to as the run flag. That runs well. We'll see when it gets developed. ] Funnily, I contacted Leica in the US, trying to find a manual for this model. They said nobody anywhere knows anything, email the German Leica HQ. I did, and nobody there knows anything.
  5. The skinny indicator window on the left side of the viewfinder showed all red, indicating roughly the final 1/4 of the 50' cartridge left. But i just felt 'this is going too long.' The sound didn't really change and there was no hard stop as with a tape recorder, but I'm new to all this so I wouldn't know. So I finally opened it, and indeed the EXPOSED was printed there, indicating it's finished. But now I wonder just how long I'd been grabbing shots, the motor chugging away, capturing nothing. More to the point, might something be wrong? Surely continuing to operate the motor while it's no longer turning the film isn't good...? DEK
  6. Hey Simon, Is there an English version ? I just got a Leicina Super.
  7. I'm a nooby but the information on shutter angle for the leicina (i have a leicina super) says "shutter angle <180 degrees" Is this to say "less than 180 degrees"? Thanks
  8. ___________ I was concerned that if you put in a cartridge of anything higher than 400asa---which i think means 250D, available from pro8mm, is the fastest film available for the Super---you will have to meter yourself. But i didn't see any way to manually adjust aperture, so if you got say 200T in there, and that's 125asa outside, would you apply that one-stop exposure adjustment? Is that enough? I need to learn these relationships of stops better. Cheers!
  9. Is the Leicina Super RT1 a different camera from the Leicina Super? I can't seem to find that online. What dos RT stand for btw? Cheers!
  10. Loved this. And at 1:37 the cut to the zoom into the sunset with the start of the new musical phrase is beautiful and engaging
  11. Can someone tell me what type of mode I would be best using on my computer screen for doing post? I'm just learning, the situation is me shooting something, then editing and practicing correction etc on my iMac iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019) in my apartment, and posting it on vimeo, youtube etc. That's it. Thanks! DEK
  12. Hello! I'm making a short film set in 1938 Spain in the civil war. I want a drone shot rising from eye level on a group of people crossing a bridge to a wide shot at about 70 feet altitude. I want to remove some cellophone towers and add some distant houses, (distant because of the altitude) some houses bombed out and incomplete, some smoke. How can I remove objects and add objects to the moving image? I see it in movies but I don't know how to do it. I use FCPX but I could also do it in Premiere Pro or DaVinci if there were no choice. Thanks!
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