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Arriflex 16 BL Frankenstein???

Joshua Ewert

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Hello everybody!

I don't know what to do.

I bought an Arriflex 16 BL some while ago and fixed all the little problems I had. The camera runs great and looks good. But on a closer look, there was some "goo" / sealing I've noticed around the ground glas. I've noticed that a while ago but never bothered since I had other issues to deal with first. Now that I've removed the ground glass, cleaned everything up & put it all together I've noticed this "gap" between the ground glas & the body. There are also some homemade spacers that creates the gap by pushing the whole mechanism back. I don't know, maybe someone tried a super 16 conversion and failed... No one that I know that has worked on 16 BL models seams to have a clue... I've posted in several forums & asked a few guys. Nothing. I would be extremely happy to have someone here that could help me.  

Here an images after cleaning. Notice the strange parts behind the plate that seem homemade. 

thank you!! 


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It looks like someone less than capable has been fiddling with your camera unfortunately. Nothing worse than bad technicians when it comes to camera damage. 

I'd be concerned that the flange depth and ground glass depth are correct, not to mention light leaking through that gap. Has the gate been altered? It's like they thought they could shift across the ground glass to cover a widened gate or something. Or maybe the front has been shifted forward so the mirror/shutter could be extended. Got any more photos of the gate, mirror etc?

If it's too late to get a refund, I think you will need to have an Arri tech look it over. 


10 hours ago, David Sekanina said:

Try to contact John of Fresh Ground Pictures - he did a lovely restoration of a 16BL a few months ago

That's a very nice video, clearly someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks for the link David!

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No I can't get a refund, I bought that camera almost one year ago. I clearly don't know who did that because the previous owner was a camera repairs technician for the german television... 

The problem is everything seems aligned and working. You can see throught the viewfinder, there isn't any vignetting and the mirror just works fine. Here are more pictures. Maybe I will make a clip of everything later. It's kind of hard to tell on pictures. 


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