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Auricon CM-72 "chop top" dismantle

Gareth Blackstock

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A long time ago I bought an Auricon quite cheaply, non running with no power cable, just lots of bits and pieces.  I finally got around to buying a 120 volt inverter to get it running.  After a bit of research i discovered mine was a "chop top" -a common upgrade in the day.    

Mostly I started taking the camera apart to find the correct wiring so I did not cook anything, yet it came apart surprisingly well, and I was impressed with the good design and seemingly ease of maintenance.  So I kept taking things apart....  I added lots of pics to my website, hopefully if future enthusiasts buy an Auricon the pics will help get their camera running again.


And yes, the camera is running very well, still a little noisy, but good to go.  Just gotta time the shutter... there's got to be an easy way...


Cheers, Gareth

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If you don't know about it already, I'm using the "Video Tachometer" app on iPhone. It uses the camera. I got it to set the speed on the Steenbeck, but it might suit you for this job. I use it to freeze the motion of the sprocket teeth but I don't see why it wouldn't work on the shutter.

Just shine a light through the lens mount and if you see the gate you have a rough guide. I could imagine drawing a wavy line on some junk film and seeing if the app shows it as stationary. You adjust the frequency on the app until the moving part is stationary, then you have the running speed. It's accurate to 0.1Hz- in our case, that's 0.1 fps of course. You use a torck for illumination, it doesn't use the camera's LED.

It's also fun to check the mains frequency by looking at an LED bulb.

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