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Camera Tests - Aaton XTR Prod

Boris Kalaidjiev

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Hello everyone, 

I recently got my hands on a Aaton XTR Prod and was wondering on the most important tests that I have to do on the camera to make sure that everything is working correctly. I am asking on what sort of tests and maybe a methodology on how to do them. I have gone through a lot of the forum about steadiness tests and so on but I think it sort of changes a little bit for every camera.

1) Steadiness test 

2) Scrtach test

3) Focus (make sure that the ground glass is focusing on the same plane as the lens?) 

4) Try out the diffrent frame rates?


Am I missing something and if Yes or No can you help me understand the test deeper. For instance how do you rewind film in an Aaton Magazine (for a steadiness test)?


I am just trying to figure out how and what exactly to test and do everything in a day because afterwards I have to ship everything to the lab which is outside my country so I am also trying to keep costs down.


Thank you all for helping me wrap my head around all this, 



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You're close. 

My list is:
flange depth
ground glass focus
scratch test 

We will also check the aperture to ground glass relationship, because that is easy to knock off on the Aaton's. 

I'll check for dirt in the optical elements and clean them. 

I'll check the mag belts and seals. 

I'll clean the gate, pulldown and lubricate the movement. 

It's rare we do a steadiness test UNLESS the camera doesn't run smooth and/or someone complained about it in the past. Steady tests are good to do for sure, not negating them, but not necessary unless you see issues. 

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Hi Tylor, 

Thanks for the reply! 

1) Ground glass focus is basically making sure that when you’re focusing through the viewfinder that your actual picture on your film plane is in focus, right?


2) For the scratch test how much footage would you roll? And would you be shooting a white wall for instance? 

3) For the steadiness test how would you rewind the film on the Aaton XTR Prod if you didn’t have any professional lab equipment at your disposal?

4) What do you mean by the aperture to ground glass relationship, what does that mean and what exactly are you testing there?


Thanks a lot,








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