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Music for Basketball?

Joerg Polzfusz

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what type of music would you recommend as “background soundtrack” for Basketball? HipHop? Rap?

My kids are part of Basketball-Teams, and I shot some of their games. Now, I am going to compile this to a 10min “documentary”. But I‘m too old to be hip. And my latest music in my collection tagged with “sport“ is „Baby Elephant Walk“ from Hatari. 🤪 And the newest “Basketball movie“ that I watched is “Space Jam“. 😉

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Congrats! I really enjoyed watching „Space Jam“. It’s a great film. I even still remember the cinema (Thalia in Berlin-Lankwitz) and the friends that accompanied me to the screening. 🙂

And about two or three months ago I forced my kids (15 and 12) to also watch it (unfortunately only on Amazon). At first, they didn’t want to („oh no, not again another film from the last millennium… I hope that it’s at least in color!“). But in the end, they really enjoyed the movie. The only thing that didn’t age well have been the „ntsc to film and then to streaming video“ shots from actual games with Air Jordan and the other NBA stars.

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