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FILM vs DIGITAL behavior

Carlo Molinari

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Do the behavior of film's dynamic range is comparable with digital? If i'm Doing a PUSH +1 , with the 500T , exposing for 1000ASA, i will  shifted his gamma of +1 stop on the highlights? Just like with digital, if I go from 800iso to 1600iso, have I gained +1 stop?



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Digital sensors are linear devices (even when encoded into log) so a ISO change on a digital sensor is an overall dB gain increase.

Film negative has a characteristic curve and a photo-chemical push will accentuate that logarithmic curve with more sensitivity in the middle than the top or bottom of the curve.

In my experience 5219 pushed +1 is in the same sort of working range as an Alexa in the 1200 maybe to1600 ISO range, with the Alexa having some more shadow detail and 5219 more hilite overexposure tolerance and the mid being similar.


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Changing the ISO on the Alexa does not change the dynamic range; however, it does shift the range and perhaps your real-world subject has more information at one end than the other, so it's possible to effectively reduce dynamic range because essentially you lost information at one end that you needed but didn't need more information at the other end.

Pushing film increases contrast.

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