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Arriflex 16SRII speed issue

Louis Muller-Diettert

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Hello guys, 

I have a late arriflex 16SR2 Super PL working great with everything. It got updated before I bought it : 16SR3 swinging top handle and the back of the camera looks like an SR3 back also (grey with ACC and CCU receptacle and 2 LEDs on sides, the battery receptacle is still an XLR4). 

But I have an issue with any external speed control box (I tried three of them so it comes from the camera : VSU, FSZ and Precision speed Control). All of them can start and stop the camera through the CCU receptacle but it doesn't change the speed. It stays on the camera speed 24 fps.


Anybody here already had this issue ? 


I opened the camera to check whether there was something obvious and saw that a white cable is free and unsoldered (coming from the ACC / pilot tone receptacle), so I think this cable has nothing to do with speed info going into the camera ? 


Thanks for your help,


Capture d’écran 2023-01-31 à 20.01.37.png

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I don't have any experience with Arri electronics but free unprotected cables like that are never good inside a camera or any other electronic device whatsoever... if bad luck they can easily short circuit the electronics and cause lots of damage. if not being able to repair it, just add some heat shrink over it to avoid it connecting to anything so that the camera can still be used when waiting for it to get repaired later on. 

it is probable that it could theoretically be diy repaired if knowing exactly where it is supposed to be connected, but it is ofter really difficult to get any reliable info of proprietary electronics like this and basically someone repairing these for living would need to help with it . diy repairs always have larger risk of further damaging the device so if not wanting to risk it, it would be best to add the heat shrink over the wire end and let someone to repair it later

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I don't want to mess things up. But that's right that I prefer to avoid any costly service if it's just a question of soldering a cable, something I can do by myself... 

But I confess, I have no idea where this cable is supposed to be soldered and whether it's gonna solve the problem or not ! 

So I don't try anything without a specific information.... 

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