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Aaton XTR Prod - LIGHT LEAK Right side of frame

Boris Kalaidjiev

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Hello everyone,
I am having trouble with my XTR Prod. I am having some light leaks for the first time with the prod from the right side. I recently processed 8 small rolls, shot on 4 diffrent days with 3 diffrent mags and they all have the same pulsating light leak on the right side of the film. It is strange that this happened on all rolls on the same side. Most of the leaks are outside the extraction area but when they become bigger they do go into the actual usuable area.
I am sure my changing bag is good because its brand new and I spend 10min in it today in the hot sun looking for leaks.
The leak is very obvious at 14:03.
Has this happened to anyone else before?
BTW DHLed my stock to the lab.
Thank you!
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I'm by no means qualified to venture a resolution but let's disqualify the obvious.....
1. how are the magazines seals looking? anything pinched on there in the rubber? 
2. are you taping up all the 'seams'....

When this happens on Hasselblad photography camera magazines its a problem of the 'seals'

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