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Good tripods to use with the Krasnogorsk-3

Owen A. Davies

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So I'm aware that the K-3 takes 3/8" screw sizes, but the hole you would use on the K-3 to screw the tripod into is very shallow, and often leaves to the camera sticking upward with half of the screw left still available. This leads to the camera feeling pretty insecure and wobbly. Has anyone had a particular amount of success pairing a specific tripod (cinema tripod obviously) with the K-3?

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Either replace the 3/8" camera screw with a shorter one, or space out the gap between support and camera base with something. I often use hard rubber sheet since it also acts to help keep the camera secure and absorbs vibration.

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If you have the option of a 1/4" screw, I have a 1/4" adapter sleeve in mine. The mounting is quite adequate.


You should be able to find something in the US for a coupla bucks.

One of my tripods (admittedly it's an amateur one) has a locking collar below the plate so you can control how much of the tripod screw protrudes. If yours doesn't have this you may have to do as Dom suggests, or if it has an inset, as another of mine does, replace it with one with a shallower screw.

It may seem inadequate, but three turns of thread is quite normal for 1/4" and 3/8" tripods. I think 1/4" is sufficient up to the weight of a K3.

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