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Mixing tungsten and daylight on digital black and white

Walt van der Aar

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Soon I will be shooting a project on the Amira. Though we will be grading it to black and white. I was wondering if anyone had some experience with this process and has lighting tips. I know on black and white film daylight lamps will have more 'output'/intensity compared to tungsten lights. But I'm not sure how it works on digital. Is there a difference in color/grey rendition between these sources or can I just use them all together. Some real daylight will enter the location so I'm thinking about shooting at 5600K. 

Any input is appreciated, thanks.


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With b&w film, the difference is only 1/3-stop in terms of extra sensitivity to daylight (or lower sensitivity to tungsten.) But this isn't a factor if you are shooting digital. In terms of color contrast response, since you're shooting in color, it doesn't matter much either. I wouldn't worry about mixing the lights. And you can switch your monitor to b&w to judge the results.

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