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  1. Hi! I'd like to repair my zeiss 8mm t2.1 standard speed lens for 16mm camera's. The focus markings are not correct anymore. Looking through the viewfinder gives me an estimate that the 3m mark is actually infinity. It works but my close focus is very long because of this. My local rental house tried to service it but said they could only repair it by changing it to another mount. I was wondering, could it be a back focus problem? Or does the whole focus mechanism needs to be serviced. If so, do you maybe have an address here in Europe? (living in the netherlands myself) Thanks in advan
  2. Hi! My dad and I own an Aaton Penelope. I know 2 rental houses in the Netherlands that own them too, camalot.nl and camerarentals.nl. And one of, if not the, best Aaton technicians owns one too (cinefacilities.com). That makes 4 of the 48 in the Netherlands!
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