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  1. The charts came out after RED was called out as a 1K camera by Phil (then he changed his story to 2K). There has been much discussion about what RED 4K bayer really is. The charts just show what it really is. 4 times measured 1080P from the best 1080P camera. Now... that doesn't seem to matter any more? It seemed so important awhile back. Stephen... not sure why you are having skin tone or highlight roll-off issues. Stop on by at RED and we can help you with this. There are a lot of ways not to get the best results from our cameras. Phil's "don't quote higher authority" is certainly interesting. You speak mis-information. Trained professionals (the higher authority) use the cameras and don't get the same results you speak of. That just doesn't make sense. Either they have no interest in quality or you are missing something? Maybe they are "higher authority" because they know something you don't? Your comment that RED 4K is really only 1K is dispelled by both the "higher authority" and the charts. Someone gets bad results. Others get good results. The ones that get bad results say it is the camera. Maybe the question should be "what are the other guys doing to get better results than I get?" I don't post here very much because this is the one place where RED bashing is encouraged. I'm not a masochist (anymore). This whole thread seems to have come from Stephen getting his feelings hurt for being given a "timeout" on reduser. That was probably a mistake. So we'll take the punishment here for that. But mis-information of performance doesn't seem like the way to get even. So here you go... lots of new reasons to keep this thread going. Jim
  2. Saul... we are so worried about what Canon is releasing that we are folding the company and I am moving to Fiji in shame. Although Canon has not announced what you proposed, I am quite sure that we are doomed no matter what they really do release, line-skipping and all. All our work to provide a valid option to the industry has turned to ashes it seems. Stephen has acknowledged that the the M-X sensor is something he would shoot... but alas, he will never get the opportunity. Any camera that shoots HDCAM will destroy a RAW camera. HDCAM is the industry standard... no question about it. REDCODE RAW really has no place in the industry. Keith... it is certainly great to see you posting again. I just wish we could stay around a bit longer so your valuable input could have been implemented into our program. Phil… your posts are so inspiring. I wish I was starting over so I could connect better with you. You are an inspiration that I obviously missed the 1st time around. Richard... I'm sorry that our personal emails meant nothing. I wasn't prepared for this. Well... farewell. It was a good ride while it lasted. Jim
  3. Jim Jannard


    It means you have a RED-DRIVE that needs updating, as it's generating SATA bus errors. If you can't send the RED-DRIVE back immediately, you should update to Build 21. Jim
  4. You and Phil post like you actually think you know what you are talking about... Jim
  5. James Murdoch is among us... Jim
  6. Term was used many times on several boards (not going to go read them all) and inferred on all of them, including here. No big deal. That was the past. The thing that is frustrating here is the clever button-pushing by a few. My responses to the jabs are not all that elegant... which I am not very proud of BTW. Jim
  7. It is not just the word itself... lots of ways to say it. Just go back and read some of your alter-ego posts (James Murdoch). BTW, people that believed in us motivated us. People that didn't believe in us motivated us. Jim
  8. It is my nature to answer every question with good intent. You know that because you frequent reduser. Your nature is to harass and turn every real answer into a mock. When you actually want to interact in a civil way I'd be glad to oblige. Until then... it is just a joust. Your answer will confirm my observation. Jim
  9. OMG... how did you ever get so clever? What is it exactly that you do? Jim
  10. I must say that it is nice that your 1K rant is now a 2K rant. Maybe we should just give you some more time... As for not making terribly nice pictures... maybe you were the DP? We would all love to hear your thoughts on the new posted reel. Nice to hear from you. Jim As of Feb. 2009 (one and a half years after shipping began): Commercials Shot on RED- Nike, Toyota, Petsmart , Coffee Mate, Microsoft , JVC , Mikes Hard Lemonade , Bratz Dolls, MLB , Zune, Claritin , Disney, Klenpeter IceCream, Blue Cross, Harley Davidson, Dr. Pepper, Mitsubishi, NBA, KFC, Sears, Gucci, Discovery Channel, Pokeman, Ruby Tuesday, SoapNet, AMEX, Adidas, Comedy Central, Hannah Montana, Nintendo Wii, AllState, CocaCola, US Olympics, Walmart, Mazda, Porshe Cayanne, Hot Pockets , Jaguar, 7-11, Panasonic ToughBooks, Subway, Ford, Midway Games, Pepsi, Samsung, EasyBank, Alfa Romeo, Sega, Etonics, Ponds, Mercedes, Nascar, Coke, Reebok, Gatorade, Korbel, Nissan, Mazda, Volkswagon, Saab, CVS, NFL Monday Night Football, SunSilk Hair Products, Palmolive, Hannah Montana Dolls, Wrigleys Gum, Nevada Tourist Council, Rock the Vote, Guitar Hero, Red Lobster, Olay, Mattel Toys, McDonalds, Cartier, Sebastian Hair Products, Discovery Channel, Old Navy, EA Games, Herbal Essence, Empario Armani, GE, Wienerschnitzel, Wild Planet, Children’s Miracle Network, Pfizer, Tangueray, Tap Out, AAA, Sprint, Taco Bell, Major League Baseball, Direct TV, Coors TV Series Shot on RED- ER, Southland, Leverage, Wallander, Sanctuary, America, The Librarian 3, 26 Miles, In Love with Barbara, Icy Killers, The Amazing Mrs. Novak, The Tracey Ullman Show, Safe Harbor, Ms. Washington Goes to Smith Features Shot on RED- Che, Game , The Informant, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt , Knowing, Book of Eli, The GirlFriend Experience, Balancing the Books, Another Harvest Moon , Fenomen, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead , Mostly Ghostly, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Toe To Toe, Seres Genesis, The Combination, Butterfly Effect 3, Downstream , Forelorn, Bitch Slap, Sensored, Stay Cool, Asylum Seekers, Overnight, The Red Canvas, Gauge, Kenny Begins, Big Fan , Woodshop , Van Wilder 3, Labor Pains, Cedar Boys, Melancholy Baby, Alls Faire , 14 Days , Billy and Jack , Seaviper , Stacy’s Mom, Overnight, Cold Storage, Spiderhole , SnowMen, Lourdes, Manure, Warriors, Mystery Team , The River Why, The Things We Carry, The Frost , Works in Progress, Dreams and Shadows, Into Temptation, Beyond the Mat , Pohjoinen Ulottovuus, Gutter King, The Nothing Men, True Nature, Tossed and Found, The Sculptor, Smash Cut , Mea Culpa, Hunter Prey, Repo Chick, Drei, Red Dirt Rising, Winning Favor , Five Hours from Paris, S. Darko , Warning, The Dark Country, Achumundu Achumundu, Fair Game
  11. If you want to engage in a technical fight with Graeme, you had better bring a nuke and a helmet. He actually does something beside talk. For the rest of you... you can actually see what can be done with a RED ONE here: http://red.cachefly.net/redreel/RedReel_h264_720.mov Jim
  12. I finally figured it out. Not sure why it took me so long... Cliff Clavin. :-) Jim
  13. Looks like you are stuck with it until someone can fit more info into smaller spaces. WHy not vote for "fit the most important info into the smallest space" in the meantime? Jim
  14. The production unit will have Quad DVI (or HDMI) and Quad HD-SDI outputs. Use 4 for 4K, 2 for 2K or 1 for 1080P output to any current display. We used a Sony 4K projector at the reduser party. Jim
  15. Conventional wisdom is usually based on conventional thinking and current methodology. We are doing something completely different than has been done before (more Graeme magic) so I respectfully suggest holding judgment until you can see a side by side comparisons? Under extreme scrutiny on a large display (4K Sony projector and 16' screen) we cannot tell the difference from uncompressed, nor could any of the "industry pros" that have seen REDray in this setup. And everyone seemed to be shocked on a 40' screen at the reduser party. Jim
  16. Who said only an optical disk? Seems like there are lots of other possibilities. Jim
  17. Jim Jannard


    Peter... Avid now has what they need from us and are working on a complete solution. It is in everyone's best interests to provide as many RED options from as many companies as possible. What didn't make sense was to open up the keys to the kingdom before we were finished with our own code. Things will roll out from here on pretty nicely. There are many RED workflow presentations scheduled for NAB... I think if you look back in history, it took all new formats time to build workflows around them. And we have only been shipping for one and a half years. Best. Jim
  18. Jim Jannard


    Peter... we arrived a couple of years ago as a "scam". Then elevated to "garage operation" that made an impact on the industry. Whether we stay in business or fall to "remember those RED guys?" status clearly depends on how well we do what you just suggested moving forward. Jim
  19. Jim Jannard


    Tim... thanks for the help with JM/KW issue now and in the past. Your "will be" point is well taken. We do have working sensors here that clearly demonstrate the performance as posted, but truly they are not in the market yet. There is no question that my enthusiasm and passion for what we're doing can be received a variety of ways. I'll do my best to temper it on this board. We acknowledge releasing the RED ONE "early". And even though it was crystal clear to the customers that bought them at that time, the message may not have been quite so clear to the rest of the industry. We don't get a "do-over" so we'll learn for the next time. Jim
  20. Jim Jannard


    RED to c.com... I know that posting here puts me at risk of trashing, but I'll try this anyway. I have stated before that RED's goal was to provide an alternative to film. I think we are proving that we are doing that. I know that we are not liked here. I understand that our marketing approach is not embraced by this group. Acknowledged. Understand that I have personally taken a lot of abuse here... James Murdoch/Keith Walters. So my presentations here were not the best. And I am combative by nature... oil and water. My apologies. The RED ONE is not perfect. It was released as a prototype (fully disclosed to our customers) and then improved along the way. While it has been used in TV episodics (ER, Sanctuary, Leverage), commercials (Nike), features (Ché, The Informant, Girlfriend Experience, Knowing, Book of Eli, Game, District 9 and others) along with many other commercials and music videos... we recognize that we still have a lot to do to prove to the industry that RED belongs. The RED ONE was our 1st camera and we did not know exactly what we were doing. Not bad for a start, but we need to improve to earn our way to a long lasting position in the market. Scarlet & EPIC are next generation cameras. They both are the benefactors of 2nd generation knowledge. The DR is higher. Frame rates are higher. Post options are growing rapidly. The cameras are smaller. And more flexible. The data rates are higher. The options are greater. And they are priced to own... not rent. What you need to hear is that we love this industry. We want to make a difference. We are working overtime to give options that matter. We are not the 2nd coming. We are only trying to drive ourselves and others to a place that would have taken years to attain... in months. We are trying to accelerate the timeline. "Big" companies would NOT have been motivated to push things along if they were not forced to. We are just trying to be a force to move things along at a faster rate. We not only want to move cameras along, but everything in the industry. Our new prime set is a good example. Better than Cooke quality at 1/4 the cost. Accessories that give new function without having to rent. I don't expect that this board will all of a sudden embrace RED. There actually is an advantage to RED that you don't. But you should know what is what. I have my helmet on... so flame away. Jim
  21. You are half right. CMOS does "scan" the sensor instead of capture the scene at one instant. And there were skew issues with Peter Jackson footage shot on the 1st prototypes "Boris" and "Natasha" two years ago. All CMOS are not the same. What matters is the read-reset time. The RED prototypes had a very slow (like most CMOS sensors) read-reset time (skew). We have been able to speed up that time dramatically since then. No one complains about the skew on the new firmware builds. They are now 3.5 times faster than they were. And the next generation, Scarlet and Epic, are even faster. About the same as a current film camera. Technically there is still skew in a film camera, just not enough to warrant a discussion. The N90 and 5D II have CMOS sensors that still have a very slow read-reset time... 3-4 times slower than a current RED ONE. That is why there is a LOT more skew when shooting motion with those two. Read-reset times are independent of frame rates. Scanning a CMOS sensor is similar to a mechanical shutter "wiping" the film if the read-reset times are fast enough. Both of these have a "look" that is not the same as a global shutter. There is a "feel" to this wipe/scan time. Most people like it. Too slow read-reset time gives a bunch of skew... which is obviously not good. The biggest problem with the discussion of CMOS sensors is that most people want to lump them all together. There are a million differences between them all, from pixel design, pixel size, A/D conversion, read-rest times, etc. Future discussions about CMOS will hopefully be more detailed, because the details matter. Sweeping generalizations don't work. Jim
  22. Joe, It seems only fair (and helpful) that you post finding the real problem... an inexpensive non-UDMA approved card reader hooked up to the editor's computer. And all data was recovered. Jim
  23. Mr. D. If you mean that we should "suck up" to the posters here in order to gain more sales... it is not in our DNA. We don't need it. If we earn sales by making a product that people want, great. If not, no problem. Use something else. What we will not do is put up with crap. If you have a legitimate complaint, concern or criticism about what we are doing, we will listen. But if you are here to trash us "just because"... and try to get our attention with nonsense, it won't work. Let's recap. Digital is not film. RED's goal is to deliver the best digital alternative to film as possible for the lowest cost possible. RED is a young company that is learning every day. REDCODE is a compressed RAW format that gives a customer the maximum latitude possible. Our sensors offer the maximum resolution possible for the least possible price. RED does everything possible to give its customers an upgrade path for the least possible price. If you have a better alternative... use it. If not, we are here to serve. But if you are here just to give us poop.... GFY (good for you). Jim
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