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  1. Anyone here have experience with cameracrate.com? Thx.
  2. Single-take after intro monologue... https://youtu.be/JIK0Jfz7t7k
  3. It's interesting that some motion picture theater chains and film festivals are still using artistic interpretations of film reels or cameras as logos.
  4. " Standard super 8 cameras with a beam splitter viewfinder are very simple machines. Adding the complexity of a video camera and LCD display ...makes for a much more..." I'd say Standard Super 8 are relatively simple. As stated, they are still a machine. I do agree that adding a video sensor and display adds to the complexity. I'm not opposed to an optical viewfinder, either. "I own 12 super 8 cameras, most of them bought from yard sales and swap meets..." That's fantastic! "...you can even buy 2 or 3 of the same camera you like for cheap. The last 3 super 8 cameras I bought cost me $25/each." I think I have been living in a Super 8 deprived area. Having checked locally over many years, I've very seldom come across any Super 8 cameras (or projectors). When I did, it was either a fully auto Kodak or other with no flexibility. In online auctions, certain variants of Nizo, Canon, Bauer, Elmo, Nikon, etc., (and Beaulieu, of course) still seem to command much more than $25 (+ shipping). Maybe that's okay. I've had mixed results. "If Kodak was making and selling a few thousand cameras and guaranteed 7 years of support (which I believe is a legal thing in the US) then there would be some merit...they're going to make a few hundred and the cost is exorbitant...they bought the design and it's simply going to cost more than they expected to manufacture it...the pricing will be exorbitant. Even in 7 years after Kodak has stopped support, the cameras will be very expensive to buy and not very many examples out there to steal parts off." I'm not sure where your insight comes from. According to Kodak, it's their design, recreated from scratch, using new engineering resources, given the legacy infrastructure has been long gone. Have they posted cost to manufacture, or published expected production quantities?
  5. The assertion that added complexity reduces life expectancy or reliability has merit, and can be quantified. Super 8 cameras can be considered inherently complex; some more than others. To say that most Super 8 cameras on the market still work may be hard to justify. Also, finding parts (analogous to NoS) for the desirable vintage models is certainly challenging. If we had something new, then presumably, we might have a backstop in the form a warranty, and maybe parts supply. So for now, we are at the mercy of the vintage Super 8 camera gods.
  6. Beyond the basic expected features, I would like to have something with reasonable life expectancy.
  7. So...It has been nearly two years since Kodak announced the pending arrival of their new Super 8 camera. Dear Kodak, What happend? We are still waiting. Dont make us go out on Fleabay again to buy another 50+ year old PoC.
  8. Hello, I thought Kodak's new Super 8 camera was due out this fall, but still no word from big yellow. Anyone have any insight? Thx, GL
  9. On a side note (since you mentioned it), I recently finished a story on 16mm with no crystal sync. There were (intentionally) a couple of takes lasting over 1 minute. Syncing audio in the edit suite was no problem at all.
  10. Nice...I'll be there on the 1st as well.
  11. Anyone going this week?
  12. It seems we are missing some details here. If the Dalsa sensor (which I believe is a Teledyne product) does not meet specification, then the supplier needs to take responsibility for the issue. Aaton should be working closely with them until a solution is provided (product or $). I see this in my line of work quite frequently.
  13. Indeed…the electronics will eventually fail. Reliability is an issue today more than ever, considering, for example, the use of lead-free solder, circuit board packaging density and cleanliness practices during assembly, where dendrite growth is a big problem. Then there are component obsolescence and counterfeit issues.
  14. If in Waikiki, consider parking at the Ala Moana Mall. The Gillian's Island Marina is across the street for some good b-roll B). If you need to get across the island, then I recommend taking the H3 interstate... traffic is typcally reasonable. For the best Italian food you'll ever have, go to Arancino. There are certainly no shortage gorgeous back-drop locations such as the Byodo-In Temple or Haleiwa.
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