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  1. Eclair ACL Super 16mm Camera with Zeiss 10-100mm lens and Bescor 12v li-ion bat. Condition is "Used" French made, the better of the models, with Bescor 12v XLR battery, recently serviced and converted by Les Bosher to super 16m looking for offers around £2300, open to conversation, if bought outside of ebay. Eclair ACL converted to super 16mm by Les Bosher, recently serviced, variable speed motor and rotating eye peice, and handle. Fully working XLR power input 2x 400ft french made magazine recently serviced Zeiss 10-100mm 3.1 lens with Arri mount and adaptor for eclair New Bescor 12v battery 4 pin XLR (worth £250) Tifen filters x 5 various Film Changing bag flight case Motor runs fine, magazines are like new. Lens is a bit stiff, but nothing a little service won't fix, reflected in the price Collection in person available. Any questions just ask postage available Link to ebay posting ; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eclair-ACL-Super-16mm-Camera-with-Zeiss-10-100mm-lens-and-Bescor-12v-li-ion-bat/143855996556?hash=item217e7c4e8c:g:VAMAAOSwttRfuPMC
  2. Hi, If anyone knows of an Arri 16 SR for sale or has one let me know. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am also in the process of having the Eclair ACL converted with Les, it's with him for the second time now as after having it for 6 months and sending it back to me, I opened the box to find the camera in bits as it wasn't packaged properly, partly ups's fault, but there simply wasn't enough packaging around the camera. The magazine dented and snapped, and the viewfinder completely smashed, and he says he's unable to find a replacement. Although he has been very helpful, I had to send it back at my own cost, and i'm still without a camera. He's in the process of re-repairing it now, but seeing as others have had issues with Les it worries me that things haven't been done correctly. But I'll see how it all comes back. Les seems like a very friendly and chatty guy, but maybe i should've used Bernie. But until i get it back and test it I don't want to make a too negative verdict, but so far I'm not really impressed.
  4. I believe the batteries i'm looking at have a constant voltage module of 1.5v built in.
  5. That sounds like the best solution, although i'm going to try to house 8 x 1.5v lithium battery's, and solder a xlr female to the housing. Unless anyone who's a bit more technically competent can see a problem with that?
  6. Hi, Might be a silly question or obvious, but I saw this and thought it may be an option? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B072HR211P/ref=crt_ewc_title_srh_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2HBRWDIXVHM77 Any opinions would be great. Thanks
  7. Thanks so much for the advice! sticking to 12v sounds like a sensible option then!
  8. Hi, I thought i'd add onto this, Just bought an Eclair ACL 1.5. it ran at first after charging the battery but now wont start. I'm hoping it's an issue with the original batteries? It's 4 pin jaeger on the cables, batteries and camera body. Instead of getting it re-celled I was thinking of getting a 4 pin jaeger to D-tap cable and then a D-tap battery? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01KJL59KK/?coliid=I1QFCN8GYWPSXO&colid=1F7VYVTJIAKS9&psc=1 can the battery be a higher than 12v? or will this cause issues with the motor and I'm having a hard time finding a 12v d tap battery.
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