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  1. The Victoria College of Art in Melbourne has a good reputation too. VCA Sorry I'm not sure who went there recently.
  2. Last time the Prince Charles Cinema screened it a month or two ago they couldn't get a 35mm print. But I thought it looked fantastic (at least good as the last 35mm print I saw if not better.) Looking forward to The Killing.
  3. The canon 1014 XL-S definitely shoots 24fps as does the 1014 AutoZoom. Niall was referring to the 814 XL Electronic which only shoots at 9fps, 18fps and 36fps. There are a lot of Super 8 cameras that only shoot 18fps but most of the higher end cameras will do 24fps too. I have a 1014 XL-S and really like it, apparently the 814 XL-S (which does 24fps) is equally if nice. If I was you I would look for a Canon. Depending on your budget something like a 518 SV, 814 Autozoom, 1014 Autozoom, or 814 XL-S or 1014 XL-S. There are heaps of nice camera's out there it just depends how much you want to spend and what features you want.
  4. I don't have a Bauer but I remember this being discussed before. Here's the link to the wiki with instructions:Adjusting Bauer 715 xls exposure
  5. This was a question about 'In-camera' effects. I've done these in-camera effects (or very similar) myself on music videos. They are very easy to do in camera, with a piece of mirror or two. But yes, you could do it in post.
  6. Yes. I think you can see some ghosting in the image from the use of a standard mirror (reflection on rear surface of glass and also dimmer reflection on front surface.)
  7. My guesses: 1) shot in a mirror that is tapped/shaked/vibrated. 2) a piece of old cut or molded glass in front of the lens catching flares. 3) two mirrors. In the bts it looks like they've got a couple of soft sources on either side of the camera presumably there are also two mirrors on each side of the frame.
  8. This looks like pretty much the same idea approximately Super 8 sized chip in the current camera module. C-mount lenses. (Another camera module coming soon that is 4k and frame rates up to 300fps, global shutter too.)
  9. I think a lot of people have this romanticized idea of cutting Super 8 when they start. Give it a try, maybe it's just me but counting frames and guessing got old for me pretty quick. (And it's the camera original getting chopped up, scratched, etc in the process.) Editor/viewers are in my experience pathetically dim and a lot of resolution is missing compared to projection (but I never used the very best viewers just gokos and eumigs, maybe a minette would have made a difference, my suspicion was it wouldn't have been appreciably better).
  10. Is the point of this camera to emulate S8 or is it a digital camera which just happens to have S8 sized sensor? Emulating S8 (to me at least) is not that interesting. It can already be done – rather poorly - by any number of cheap HD cameras and post processing or by ACTUALLY SHOOTING Super 8 :D A high resolution digital cinema camera with a s8 or s16 sized sensor at a low cost is interesting, particularly now that the Scarlet and most of the other digital cinema cameras have 35mm sized sensors.
  11. The Nikon FM10 does not read DX codes. DX codes work by having electrical contacts in the film chamber that make contact with the film cartridge (see wikipedia). How are you judging whether you have the correct exposure? From prints/scans or is it reversal/slide film. Two stops overexposure might not be noticeable on prints or scans. Do you have a light meter or another camera to compare the exposure with? It could be that the camera's meter is off or the batteries are flat.
  12. I thought that was the point of this thread! If Dan has the S8 version and is shooting tests with it already then it seems like it's pretty close to real already. (I would doubt that will be the pricing structure and would guess as with the Scarlet the release price and the proposed price will be different. I'm hoping not quite as different.)
  13. :huh: Yes just reverse your footage in final cut pro. (⌘ + J) I think George was referring to how to film reverse motion if your camera does not run in reverse (i.e. with the camera upside down).
  14. They use a proprietary memory card format and at present only have a USB 2.0 card reader for it. (The cards are 80gb or 160gb which would take minutes of recording and hours of downloading! Not to mention the cost vs SSD.) The built in viewfinder is VGA resolution only. And the sensor is "only" HD (bayer). Despite all this the pictures from the Ikonoskop look beautiful, really "film" like texture to my eye at least. It just seems like their design wasn't updated as technology changed (drop in price and increase in speed of memory). So far kineraw 16 looks like the perfect camera for me. Records to SSD, Raw, maybe more resolution for a true HD result after debayering, and hopefully cheap.
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