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  1. I haven't got a Nagra III anymore but this one is still lying around here. 50 Hz Georg Jensen time sync generator 550 for Nagra III. Cables are a bit worn but work fine. EUR 24 including shipping to Europe, EUR 29 to anywhere else.
  2. Redlake LOCAM 51-0002, 16 mm intermittent high speed camera, C-mount, 28 VDC, 120 m / 400 ft, 2R, 16-500 fps. The old military type connector on the camera body has been replaced with a newer type. Includes a battery pack with a new 24 V sealed lead acid battery. I have used this camera in a film project so it is in guaranteed working condition. It has been used with a zoom lens which has a built-in viewfinder (Angenieux or Som Berthiot, not included). A charger is not included. A European style charger is available at extra cost. A tip for buyers in North America: a 24 V electric scooter/wheelchair charger can be used without any modifications. Those chargers are available on Ebay for a good price. 390 EUR (USD 550). Free shipping to Europe. Add 20 EUR for shipping to North America. Payment by Paypal is ok.
  3. Filmmaking became first and building more or less useful accessories kind of evolved from it as a side product. Update: 1 kHz sync mark output added on K-SBL.
  4. Any cameras that can output an electrical indication that the camera is running. The signal can be constant voltage, frame pulses, an input pin connected to ground briefly, or 50/60 Hz pilot tone. What video cameras it should be compatible with? It has a LANC output and also a single start and stop pulse that can be fed to the release cable socket on, for example, Panasonic cameras.
  5. This version has a buzzer but I think I will add a tone generator.
  6. Intervalometers and many others for sale. I'm trying to balance between the thin line of advertising and just being informative. You can take a look at them on the link by yourself: www.kinokone.fi I have some new things coming up but also looking for new ideas for new gadgets. All of those devices were made for some need that came up. An example is the film camera to video camera interface (or how should I call it). I've had this problem several times: How to record sync sound effects while filming on film (a skateboarding film as a practical example). I thought once that I could shoot on 16 mm film and record sound with a camcorder at the same time. However, trying to operate both cameras didn't work at all. As a solution I built this interface box between the film camera and the video camera. It works with super-8 cameras too. The idea is very simple. When you start the film camera, a recording command is sent to the video camera. The video camera stops automatically when the shooting is finished. In other words, the film camera and the video camera always shoot at the same time.
  7. I tried to build a remote controller for Lemo2 connector on XTR to shoot single frames. I shorted the pins with a 5 V zener diode, the cathode to the start pin and the anode to the ground. The camera just runs and does not inch. What's the trick, how to do full frame and half frame inching?
  8. They launched a new flash player. The downloadable player is no longer needed!
  9. I know I know, but the distributors require that the films cannot be downloaded on the net. The film will be available on Glimz.net from 6th April. Unfortunately, viewing the film after babelgum will not be free anymore. Looking for making DVDs if people are interested. The bebelgum player adds an uninstall tool on the program folder so it can be easily removed from your computer after watching the film. The player also doesn't include any advertisement. At first, the connection at babalgum was very slow and people had difficutlies to watch the film. I don't know if that's the case anymore.
  10. "Unlike for most sports, competition has never been essential for skateboarding. Unique as well is the way it is performed in relation to urban space. The film is a poetic documentary of what skateboarding is about for those who are involved with it." It is a half hour documentary I have made. It was shot entirely on 16 mm film, some of the scenes with a Locam high speed camera. There was a story about making of this movie on Small Format magazine 5/2008, page 17. The full movie can be viewed here for a limited time period: http://www.babelgum.com/html/clip.php?clipId=3005184 Please, remember to vote!
  11. I purchased a Locam 51 three years ago and replaced the connector. Running the camera with a 24 V sealed lead acid battery. Anyone has any idea what might be the maximum frame rate with 24 V? The main usage has been filming skateboarding. A few shots from a documentary The full movie can be viewed here for a limited time period: babelgum.com Please, vote if you like. A manual for the LOCAM would be nice to have... The rapidshare link didn't work anymore.
  12. Usually, I have loaded a LOCAM with an acetate based, double perfed, 0.2994 pitched film on a regular 100 ft daylight spool. Works fine at 500 fps. The camera is so complicated to load that you couldn't possibly do that in total darkness.
  13. Hopefully, before the end of this year. No, if the camera can shoot single frames (Aaton, for example). Yes, I'm working on the cable right now.
  14. The model 1 can hold the trigger down for up to 10 minutes.
  15. These are rough estimates. I'd say, $500 with a cable for the model 1, a half of it for the model 2.
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