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  1. I'm sadly parting with my Beaulieu 6008 Pro - purchased with the aim of shooting a super 8 feature which ran out of gas after 14 reels.. The camera is fully working (was serviced a few years ago by Bjorn Andersson in Sweden), and includes: Beaulieu 6008 PRO Schnieder 6-70mm f1.4 Macro Zoom External Beaulieu Intervalometer (allows for 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes) Original Manual Metal carrying case with foam inserts to securely carry the camera Original Boxes and packaging I thought I'd offer it up here first before it goes to evilBay. Pictures on request. Based in London, UK. Serious offers only please.
  2. I've got a 6008Pro, and it's much quieter than than the Canon 1014e I used to use regularly (not an XLS model), and about the same volume as the Nizo's I've used. I can't really remember the volume of the 1014 xls which I used on one shoot, so can't really comment for comparison... the 6008 Pro has a slot for taking a crystal sync unit, which I believe you can get from Wittner Kinotech if you have the cash... Personally, I've found the Beaulieu to be capable of much better results, particularly in terms of image sharpness - the ground glass focussing is even better than the split image in the canons (tho I'm not sure this is standard on the 6008 - think mine may have been modified)than anything else I've used in the past (including the 1014 xls), but is nowhere near as user friendly as the Canons... depends what you want really
  3. I came across this link looking for something else and wondered: is this the device I've ready so much about? http://www.englisch.film-super8.de/index.h...rfahrungsb.html anybody out there used this? does it make a difference? for a bit of fiddling around, if it what it promises it true, I'm going to have to get myself one...
  4. it's like a grown up, very expensive version of a 6008... http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Beaulieu_9008_Pro_16:9
  5. perhaps I've just been lucky, but on my hols I've never experienced any issues with deterioration of reversal stock, whether it was packed in my hand luggage or suitcase. this covers travelling in Europe and Asia...
  6. I think the main advantage you get is that the XLS has a wider shutter angle, making it more useful in low light situations. I've used the 1014 XL and 1014 XLS, and if I was to go for a canon again, I'd strongly advise/definitely take the XLS route
  7. not being in anyway affiliated with them, I'd recommend Blue AV any time. nice bunch of guys, really helpful with advice, their andec vouchers let you post your films yourself, and Andec's developing is great. no qualms about recommending that pair up. the Todd AO option for neg is also very good, tho definitely more expensive - that said, excellent customer service, even on the little job I gave them, and the developed and TK'd in 22 hours... can't get much quicker than that... I 'm about to get a larger run developed, and am contemplating sending to the states, given all the good stuff heard about Spectra... anyone with any experience of dealing with them from the UK? job is a mixture of 200T and 500T, mostly shot at 24fps, bar a couple of carts at 9fps.
  8. Robert - thanks! was looking to do something quite stylised anyways, so have shot a bit during the magic hour, and a bit of the cityscape with at night. can't wait to get the footage developed and TK'd now. thanks again Grant
  9. going to shoot some stuff from a moving car this evening and wanted to check out what filter I may need (or not) for shooting 500T. I'm using a beaulieu 6008, and will be shooting 9fps for this stuff. any tips or pointers much appreciated!
  10. nice footage of hampstead in there fella... just 2 quick questions: where did you transfer? and how did you compress? it is as amazing as all the other testimonies!
  11. I've got a beaulieu 6008pro which goes up to 80 fps... looks great... re: the original question - canon 1014xls is a great, great camera, but having now gone to beaulieu, couldn't imagine going back. bit trickier to handle than others I've tried but the rewards make perseverance worthwhile. I'd also recommend Nizo's for their design and user friendliness - I've got a little S40 for holiday shooting - love it... and it only cost me $10...
  12. I've got a little Nizo s40 which is a delight to use... very compact!
  13. I dropped the manual here for Joseph - it'll be there for about a month, if anyone else needs it... or wants to host it fulltime!
  14. Joseph - I've got a scanned copy, but it's 20mb's... if you've got any suggestions as to where I could drop it for you, you're more than welcome to it! drop me a message if you want to discuss offline
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