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  1. Thankyou Phil, that is amazing advice. I'm now looking for a Dragonframe operator after checking this out this is the way forward for this project. If anyone has any further tips, it is greatly appreciated.
  2. Ive been asked to shoot a stop motion shoot. I feel it is pretty straight forward, but would love to have any advice people may have. Also I need to assemble a equipment list so any suggestions on how best to do it would be greatly appreciated. At present Im thinking Canon 5D on a rostrum hooked up to capture one software.
  3. Im shooting a concept film for an artist who want to reenact a scene from 'Funny Games' where the boys enter the house and first attack the family. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the lenses used, the camera sheets would be the best resource but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I wouldnt go that far Freya, I do consider that the Auteur title can be used but under what criteria is down to personal opinion. Anything that is made, be it a painting or song is done under pressures from the world and from the craft itself. Work produced under pressure is often better than when not, so when Fuller/Ford/Bunuel made films for studios that still weaved in meaning maybe on a far more absract and artful level.
  5. Vadim Bobkovsky One hole, in your argument regarding the use of rear projection and glass plates, ... they all happen in camera.
  6. Forgot to add, even from sitting in a shopping trolley!
  7. Use anything you can, Ive seen platforms built, operators sitting on Sliders anything that gets you where you need to be. I will say the Operators that Ive worked with that I repect wouldnt be seen with an Easy Rig. Camera Operating is about controling the camera, with you lose the more technology you put in the way, including long handle bars that remove you from the central weight of the camera. Please take this with a pinch of salt this is just my ethos.
  8. Phil Rhodes, I think you need to expand your argument rather than just state British films look awful, and why other films are superior? Please cite some films and discuss why because otherwise your righteous views should be considered just that.
  9. Whats your problem Simon? He even said: "Thanks in advance for any insight" Which you removed. You took the time to answer his question but also took the time to be very rude.
  10. As with all the heads of departments, they are working under the direction of the Director. If they put their stamp on the work, it would have been because of the discussions and collaboration, but like a shepard the Director can say he doesnt like an idea and thus the ones that make it have been approved.
  11. If the caps are off, you've got a few seconds as a 2nd to check the back element is clean as you walk over.
  12. I worked as a 2nd for over 7 years. The more experience you have the better you get at the job, you see things happening before they happen. If you make mistakes dont beat yourself up, worrying about them will make you make others. Dont try to be good at your job, just do your job like a ninja
  13. Close-ups like Camera moves, mean more if used with motive behind. When the film is bombarded with them, they lose any effect, a less is more approach. Its takes good direction to stage a wide and know when to use a close-up, Im aware that this might not be the intended style of the film but its a style I dont like. How many films spend millions on sets, only to see the millions spent on the mugs of actors. I blame MTV.
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