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  1. Wish they did have a kit. My 50 leaks and an overhaul is $1200+ last time I checked.
  2. Try www.bulbdirect.com Good prices and service.
  3. The muslin drop I got from a photog supplier years ago is indeed much like a dyed bed sheet.
  4. I've also dealt with both. Whitehouse, initially, and have have no complaints either - except for some pricing. I have nothing but praise for Paul who did an S16 conversion with videotap.
  5. Check out www.DVfilm.com and their product DVFilmMaker.
  6. Right on, Richard! By their fruits ye shall know them.
  7. I've always used Forde -- Nice personalized service. I know a couple of people at Alpha too so I'm sure everything will be fine. For some reason though, Bruno doesn't like to return emails.
  8. I wouldn't necessarily blame the lab either. Telecine and the colorist behind the knobs can have a dramatic affect on the output.
  9. Agreed. This will require numerous questions and answers. I have an idea or two as to what might be going on. However, I suggest you visit the Premiere forum at DVXuser.com
  10. If you went to film school and desire a film look to your projects then, of the two cameras, the DVX is the ticket.
  11. I originally had Whitehouse overhaul my CP. Paul Hillman at Visual did my conversion. Whitehouse does not do S16 conversions. They're both good companies to deal with. Paul knows his stuff on the conversions (and overhauls for that matter).
  12. Can't think of a significant downside other than considering the potential return on your investment for the upgrade. It will work and work great - IMO (like putting a race engine in a VW :)). A lot of people turn up their nose at the CP. It's not as sexy as an Aaton or prestigious as an Arri. You can't slap a magazine on and fire. But you know what? In the end, with good glass on the front, no one's gonna be able to tell the difference. I like my CP. I figure I've gotten more bang for my buck considering I didn't have to lay out more cash up front for one of the other makes. Other's will say, "Rent, don't buy." That wasn't practical for me and may not be for you. And when you weigh the cost of the camera (and even the upgrade) against ever changing video technology, it seems like a bargain. But I digress. People hotrod old (less "desireable")cars all the time. To each his own.
  13. I've had no smearing either before or after my S16 conversion by Paul Hillman, with butterfly shutter. Opinions will vary whether it's a worthwhile conversion. The only benefit will be your ability to create widescreen content.
  14. And guess what else? The price on the website for subs and renewals is wrong. It's actually $34.95/yr. I mailed in a renewal last fall. They said they never got the check so after investigating I renewed over the phone. I pointed out the web site price of $29.95 and was told, "Sorry, it's $34.95". Obviously they didn't take my suggestion to update the site. You'd think after being a faithful subscriber for years there would be a break on renewals. It's an overpriced magazine anyway. I wonder how many "comp" subscriptions they give out.
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