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  1. I had used both Kahl ut18 and ut21, I guess both of them are AGFA chrome film because they both looks even more yellowish than kodak 100D... however the grain and sharpness are excellent. And I had tried NC15 with reversal development too, it has super fine grain and sharpness, however the color was pale it lacks red or magenta...
  2. 2 perf anamorphic with super 8 cartridge, how creative idea it is! it will 1)have higher resolution(nearly cropped 9.5mm) 2)avoid Vignette because the edge on top and bottom will be cropped. 3)be compact, because it will still using the same super 8 cartridge. However, the most difficult part of the project is not just to produce the camera it self, but, a brand new system. I suppose that if someone could really manage it in the correct way, the 2 per super8 and ferrania film can be the only motion picture format and brand in the future on the earth
  3. Please notice that R16 is cheap to buy but most of them needs service and new battery. I had a spring drive R16, I bought it 10 years ago and overhauled at Bjorn in Sweden. It will run about 20 sec. at 24 fps. and the speed will slow down after 14 sec. The electric model will running without stop and possible to use 200' magazine R16 is a light weight compact reflex c mount camera easy to use , but it needs some practice to load film, specially for outdoor use.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to get some tools in green:))
  5. I bought a fujica z800, the film gate of single 8 camera is with a pressure plate, I would like to clean the film gate before to use it, but it looks like the pressure plate is unremovable. Is there anyone knows how to clean the single8 film gate?
  6. I bought a filmo 70DR some month ago, the testing film shows that it flicker a lot in the beginning. I have dropped machine oil for all the oil holes, but I am not sure if it helps. is this a common problem of this camera?
  7. I bought a filmo 70DR, it looks like just been lubricated and I can smell the oil when go close. But there are several times that when I wound it until couldn't go more, it won't run. I hit the top of the camera, then it runs. I am not sure if it needs some oil on the shutter as well...
  8. I got the first testing roll back from the lab. It flicker a lot in the last quarter of the winding. Is this normal for this camera? Should I returned this camera to the seller?
  9. if you pre fer to have super 16; then go for SBM, it is easy to be converted to super 16 (cheapper than rex 5) but I am not sure about ultra 16. If you prefer prime lenses; then go for rex 5
  10. My lenses are back now, I was wrong about the focusing aid of the Angenieux 17-68mm on my last post. It is with micro prism not ground glass. It is easy to focus from F2.2 to F5.6 on the long end, it will become too dark too focus further than F5.6. The New version of Pan-cinor 85/2 has the fixed angle of the viewfinder, only the inner frame is adjustable. The old silver version of Pan-cinor has one more adjust ring to be able to change the angle of the view finder, but without focus aid.
  11. I remember that I had the same question when I bought my first Beaulieu R16 about 8 years ago, I saw some web list the R16 for S16 convention , but in fact, when I contact them, there is no one can really do it.
  12. All of my reflexfinder lenses are on the cleaning service now, so it will be back in 1 or 2 weeks When I got my pan-cinor 17-85 I also had the focusing problem, because there is a very small screw on the diopt adjust ring on the eye piece. it locked the ring and I didn't have so small screw driver to untight it. I think your lens either had the same problem as mine or the focusing system is defective. I will upload some pics after I got my lenses back.
  13. I have the last version of the pan-cinor17-85mm f2, which is with 90 degree finder and coincident image focus aid. although it is not easy to change the position of the viewfinder as the old version, but it is easier to focus. I also have a angenieux 17-68mm f2.2 , it is better lens than pan-cinor, but its aperture iris are before the prism, so it is more didficult to use when stop down, but it is very easy to change the position of the finder, also made it easy to open the camera door.
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