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  1. 300 a day would seem appropriate, but it all depends, of course.
  2. You must be delusional. I've read countless threads where you go on and on about 48 fps projection. You've already had threads on it, and it's getting tiresome to hop around your inane contributions to threads that really don't have anything to do with your subject matter. Please stop. I think this healthy discussion was enough to last you a while, wasn't it?
  3. They don't make an adapter to use PL mount lenses on cameras with Arri mounts. Tim said it fairly simply already. These lenses are Arri but have a PL adapter. You could use them on a camera with an Arri mount without an adapter.
  4. Haha, yeah. We'll see. It's a pretty stripped down comedy. New York - lots of shooting in Greenpoint in particular. In September - maybe I'll keep a log or whatever. Yeah, I think 30 was their production budget. I don't know what they've planned for post, but I'm assuming they'll need to fundraise a little more after it's in the can. Post production nightmare.
  5. Sent one (a few) back. Thanks, Tim.
  6. I'm doing a roughly $30,000 feature later this year. We're shooting two 6-day weeks, and my boys/girls and I are being paid standard low budget rates. It certainly can be done.
  7. That's really cool, Eric. She co-owns a great restaurant in Chelsea. I'm sure you'll make a stop in there at some point :) Best of luck on the new project.
  8. Apparently they had crew on either side of the action with high-powered flashlights going right into anamorphic lenses.
  9. I've been looking for a set on the East Coast with very little luck.
  10. Could shoot 2-perf and make it happen ;)
  11. Unrelated, but where could one find a copy of that sweet poster with the Camera Assistants mimicking the Flag pose? ... nice package, also :)
  12. I really dig the look you went for. Even though she was not the most engaging performer, and perhaps the concept for the video might not have been the best choice (not your fault). The look they went for, as per the still, is no good. But I liked your work on the video that took place in the laundry, and the one with the blues singer in the loft space. Don't hang it up yet. Some music videos just aren't thrown together by the production company as seriously as others.
  13. I'm very satisfied with how a set of Cookes looked on a recent RED short :)
  14. Yeah, I've done the few apples and a high hat with some straps. Also, saw on Sex and the City: The Movie, they took out the back seat of the sedan and then were able to really spread out.
  15. You can just do it in Final Cut Pro. Use Quicktime Conversion, an H264 codec, and set your bitrate to like 6000-8000. You can set your 'Size' to x by 720, and there, technically, you should have HD.
  16. I'll try and check it out if I can grab a free minute.
  17. I'm starting to work more than ever now. Anyone else picking up the small wave?
  18. I'm assuming it was a situation where they slated, and he was slow in rolling the focus back to correct, or he was taking lens eye marks and it wasn't in the correct plane of focus for him. But, being there was no follow focus, and ripping on a lens barrel on a camera with a silly loose lens mount sometimes, I wouldn't want to be pulling focus quickly either. And there's a nice way to say things sometimes, isnt there?
  19. Yeah, Abel actually has it listed and rents it now.
  20. Yeah, that seems pretty useless and quite a trivial exercise. What school is this?
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