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  1. Comes with: Innerspace Cases CUSTOM flight case in grey w/black stripe ($1000 custom case) 1 right panhandle sliding dovetail with large quick-release plate pedestal + 150mm ball base adapters The head is native mitchell mount, and comes with attachable 150mm and pedestal bases. Attach securely with 6 allen screws. You can see the 150mm base attached, and the head mounted on a 150mm sachtler tripod. Here's some product info: The MK2 can counterbalance a wide variety of cameras--from the smallest HDV camera to a fully loaded RED, ALEXA, F65, or C300 system. Its counterbalance system is an evolved version of Cartoni's "wing" system, providing superior performance throughout the +/- 90 tilt range, with perfect stops at any angle. The frictionless variable fluid modules provide a wide range of fluid drag for perfectly smooth and precise movement, while the ergonomic, user-friendly knobs are conveniently located and easy to reach. The MK2 also features a flat Mitchell standard base and an available 150mm bowl converter to make the MK2 suitable for all leg options and dollies. The head is supplied with two telescopic pan bars, standard quick-release sliding camera plate, (Eurostyle plate optional) illuminated bubble level and digital readouts for drag and counterbalance settings. $4500 Located in LA
  2. Has anyone tried the dp optimo short zooms on an alexa that has the internal filter module?
  3. David, I hope the shoot is going well for you. Could you talk about how you are creating your 2 LUTs for this film? I was actually the DP of the feature that was shooting when you showed up to scout the hospital in Atlanta. Small world!
  4. Christian, I've been using the 7D alot lately, and I do enjoy shooting with it. I would recommend the 7D over the T2i.
  5. george su

    Craigslist TV

    Hello, I was a camera operator on this reality show, Craigslist TV, and we shot entirely on Canon 7D. http://www.youtube.com/craigslisttv#p/u/6/479rdVabMGE Thought I would share it with the community. Enjoy!
  6. I recently visited Panavision Hollywood to look at some lenses projected. I asked what the closest matchup to Panchros would be, and they said Panavision Standard Primes, in terms of light fall-off at edges and veiling/flaring quality.
  7. I'm currently in pre-production for a feature, and we're shooting partly in LA, partly in Asia. We're getting our cameras/lenses all locally. Here in LA, I've been dealing with Pany Hollywood, but now I'm dealing with an Arri house in Korea. My lens options are limited, and I'm going with Cooke S4s. Am I right in assuming in Pany world, Primos are the closest match to S4s?
  8. Is it safe to assume that the Ultra Speed MKIIs are the closest match to Cooke Panchros then?
  9. Hello, Does anybody know the origin of Panavision Ultra Speed MKII, Ultra Speed "Z" Series, and Super Speed "Z" Series lens sets? Thanks, George
  10. I've got sealed cans of 5279 that expire this monday, March 12, 2007. Is this film still safe to shoot normally? I will be doing a snip test, but wondering if there's anything to worry about... - George
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