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  1. thats awesome stuff. i always wondered if and how epic works of literature like the Divine Comedy and The Odyssey would be made into a film...hmmm. actually i'm writing a novel right now, and I tend to write stories that are "film-able", and the story i am writing I think would make an excellent film. We'll see. :rolleyes:
  2. awesome stuff guys, i'll try both :) any other tips? anything will help thanks! Dan Goldberg
  3. Hey all I haven't been on here for quite some time, since I have been directing a film. It is finally done and I am sending it off to Montreal for the film festival, hopefully in the next few days. However, I have tried several times to burn the film, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro to DVD-R, but each time about 50% thru the burning process, it stops and says something along the lines of: "error: (missing) DLL Plug-In". Does anyone know what this means, and how I can fix it? I am in desperate need to figure it out, so hopefully someone can help me; it'd be appreciated beyond belief! (maybe I'll even put your name in the "special thanks" part of the credits :) ) Thanks ahead of time, Dan Goldberg
  4. i'm very happy to see all the lord of the ring's films are on here. well deserved, if you ask me.
  5. umm, i kind of diagree with both posts so far ahaha. Don't completely script it or it will look like it. However, don't improvise the whole thing either, for safety reasons and choreography with the camera. You need to find a happy balance between choreography and improvisation. Perhaps give guidlines as to what you want to see, maybe choreograph a routine, but don't beat it to death. For the "big-blows", yeah, make sure they know what they're doing so no one gets hurt, but let the actors/fighters free, let the sense of nervousness and uncertainty within the fighters be portrayed. Good luck! Dan Goldberg
  6. hmm, its difficult,s icne all three camera's have their benefits. Obviously HD 24p would be the best, HOWEVER, 24p is not the only thing that allows for the cinematic look. It definitely helps, but it'll never look quite like film. the frame reate is the same speed that film uses, but it still ahs that digital look to it. If i had to choose I'd go for the V1.
  7. i see. thanks so much for the help ;) any other uses for higher shutter speeds? other than good slow motion capabilities? just wondering :P
  8. Hi Robert, For many things you said, it all depends on what YOU want the film/show to look like. But I'll give my two cents :) For the lighting, an on-camera light could be just what ou need if you aren't planning on any complex or unique lighting situations, since on-camera lighting is very limited. As well, the lighting in Starbucks, from experience actually gives a really interesting look to the interior. You may not need other lights at all, unless you find it too dark. If so, you could always alter the f-stops or gain. As for tripod, the last thing you'd want is an unstable one, or one that isn't capable of carrying the weight of your camera. I'd suggest to look for a tripod with a center bar down the middle and for that center bar to be connected to the three legs. here's an example: http://www.vistek.ca/details/details.aspx?...ID=VideoTripods . That should do the trick. As for the fluid-head, personally I find them essential, since they are so easy to use and smooth, that it makes other types completely unsatisfactory. Try getting a 3-way fluid-head if you can; you may not need that particular head for this particular shoot, but these type of thigns really don't go obsolete, in technology terms. You'd have that head for a long time. As for the microphone, it really depends on what you're capturing sound wise. Hope that helped! :) And good luck!! Dan Goldberg..
  9. the DVX100B is amazing for the price, if you ask me. Check out this link for specs and pics : http://www.tristatecamera.com/lookat.php?r...u=PANAGDVX100B*
  10. It also depends on what you're going to use it for. The XL-2's features are great, like Jeff was saying, however, do you NEED those features? COuld you perhaps get by with the XL-1S? Or perhaps another camera in general? If you do need those features, then that camera is a great buy. However, I just purchased a DVX100B, with has built in XLR, 24p, 3CCD, etc, and it does everything I need, PLUS it is a fair bit cheaper. Perhaps take a look into the DVX, but if you have the money to spend (unlike a tight-budget student like myself) then go for the XL-2. It's the newest of the three and will last you a long time :) Good luck! Dan Goldberg..
  11. It is. I'm in a similar situation as you. I'm trying to save up money for a films chool that I'm not even sure I'll get into! Basically, if you have the money, GO FOR IT! Nothing is more important than a solid education, don't pass that up. However, if your tight on budget, try taking filmc courses, night classes, or workshops that could help you gain knoweldge, and apply what you learn (for much cheaper I might add) to your films and hope for the best. As well, being a student myself, I am constantly making films for student film festivals and workshops in hopes to get heard (or rather seen). You just gotta give it a go. Either way you choose, DON'T GIVE UP. Hood luck with everything :) Dan Goldberg..
  12. So are those shutter speeds, 500, 1000, and 2000 specifically for slow motion effect? Or are there other effects or benefits of those speeds?
  13. :unsure: Yikes, I goofed. I meant shutter speeds yes. I'ms orry if I confused people, I wasn't thinking straight :blink: Thanks for the help, both of you.
  14. Thats great! You're smart to keep your ideas to yourself too ;) . Good luck!
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