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  1. Selling my 45 120 T2.8 optimo Immaculate condition..26000 + vat
  2. Action cam Red Edition, with rear mount vest. In 2 purpose made cases. Immaculate as new condition. I bought this on a whim as i fancied i would use it. Obviously i never did. Easily fly and modern camera Alexa, Red etc. please drop me a message for pictures £6000 + vat
  3. i have a number of these for sale. £120 each + vat
  4. I have 24 1000ft rolls of fuji reala 500D. Immaculate and boxed and stored well. Recently clip tested. All good. £2400 for the lot.
  5. I'm done with you now. You carry on. I've laid my cards out, i'm not afraid to speak out if it stops someone else having to go through the chaos of dealing with you. It's down to them to make up their own mind now. BTW i still didn't get the correct focus scales from you. And yes, to make the lenses like you said they were in your for sale post i would have had to spend a lot more money than i did, i paid you top price for lenses that you described as perfect and still spent a lot more after i recieved them to get them in a useable condition. I buy lots of lenses every year sergey, and spend many thousands of pounds on them. This is my 28th year working in this industry, you make a fool of yourself suggesting that i need to study. BTW you never returned me any payment for any work i paid for on the lenses, so don't suggest that you did. Suggesting that i adjust the back focus on my cameras to make the lenses useable is ridiculous. I'm not wasting any more time on you, and when i am contacted by another person you have dissapeared on during a transaction, i will tell them exactly the same is i tell all the others. Do your homework ! Presently i have a set of angenieux Optiomos on their way to me from Korea, i paid for them yesterday, they are with Fedex right now, they behave like professionals in an industry that requires such behaviour. You're a chancer with no pedigree whatsoever in this business who worked out a way to make a killing selling on old Russian lenses. Apart from that you have no connection at all to our business, unfortunatley since the digital age really kicked in and the search for old 35mm glass started your not the only one, there are others out there i know of but i haven't done business with them. I contacted many of the other lens dealers in Russia who know you when i was trying to track you down and they were really dissapointed with your behaviour as they thought you were giving them all a bad name. When all this dies down, and there are no more old lomos to sell, maybe you can move into selling used cars. Wherever there's a quick buck eh? Over and out.
  6. sergey, like i said if non of this is true please feel free to sue me. I have everything here, yes i do havce a dozen or so emails, and since the post on reduser i have had another 4 people contact me looking for you, i will not post their names without their permission. Here is the invoice for repairs. to the lenses that you sold as: 1 all lenses in set absolutely NEW , not used earlier for shooting .Multicoating fine , not damaged , glasses clean and clear , has no fungus or dirty inside . Mechanism of movement smooth, so my reapirs that i paid for say the opposite, or did i just pay this for fun ? The work was done by True Lens Service. 9805 Customer Order Ref: indie film ltd TLS Order Ref: T30012 Account Ref: INDIEFIL Delivery Note No: 1515 Quantity Details Unit Price Disc Amount Net Amount VAT % VAT 35mm Lomo serial number 81006 Centre up optics, correct back focus replace missing screws. 50mm Lomo serial number 860011 Back focus, centre up optics, replace missing screws 75mm Lomo serial number 860010 Back focus, centre up optics, replace missing screws Re-paint internals, 100mm Lomo serial number 87005 Repair focus stop, back focus, replace missing screws. Do you also deny that you went missing after i paid you? that i had to track you down. That you promised to send th elenses and didn't. It was over 10 weeks before i got my lenses, are you saying russia was on holiday for 10 weeks ? You're so full of it. It's no accident that you are banned form selling on other sites. let me tell you i would not waste my time going to the Russian Consular, and a Russian solicitor for nothing. Sergey should you still even be trading? https://focus.kontur.ru/entity?query=305780512401011 as you can see this link states that: Kravchenko Sergey Mironovich Lost state registration as an individual entrepreneur in accordance with Article 3 of the Federal Law of 23.06.2003 № 76-FZ TIN 780515912872 BIN 305780512401011
  7. Dom, I for 1 had severe problems with sergey. he is banned from selling on reduser and other forums. I also have emails from at least 4 other people who are presently looking for sergey trying to track down equipment they paid for and haven't received, or equipment that was received on poor condition. He did exactly the same to me. I wouldn't threaten court sergey, i did my homework on you when you disapeared on me and found out many interesting facts. I won't post the names of people who are still trying to get their equipment without their permission, but believe me they do exist. I got my lenses eventualy, but only after a long and protracted situation, and lie after lie over 10 weeks before i received them, and they were in pretty poor condition mechanically, and not as described see below: Oil coating the internal optics, iris ring stuck, focus gear hanging off, incorrect focus gear on the 100mm, it was a 75mm gear that had a blob of black paint over the 75mm engraving and the markings were a different color to the rest of he set, 10mm of backlash either way on the focus of the 50mm, lots of oil on iris blades on the 35, 50, 75. The 75mm had lots of dust and debris internally. White marks on the internal lens barrel walls, PL caps that don't fit, and i mean not fit at all, just sit on top of the mount, i ordered 6 more caps from Asher Cohen, that fit like a glove. TLS sorted all this for me, and it cost me more than a few thousand quid to get done. I share my experiences because i still get emails from people who found the thread on reduser which documented the whole experience. Sergey i really wouldn't have posted on here but i see my name in your earlier post. The truth is that everything that i have ever stated about dealing with you is the absolute truth. I have the invoice to prove the work i had done on the lesnes. Remember, i put my faith and trust in you and sent 32000 to you, and then you pretty much disappeared. Is that acceptable? Not in my book. As is well documented i went to great lengths to find you. I have NEVER told anyone to post anything about you on any forum, that is all because of your dealings sergey. Eventualy you have to learn you can't carry on doing what you do. This you posted in your ealrier post: Before 2013 New Year I am tried to sell some anamorphic lenses and others on eBay and Robert asked some peoples to make a bids but after not send money , for example Adnan Siddiqui friend Robert made a dead bid for LOMO anam F = 75 , design of my lenses very difference from others , he saw my lenses and understood that I am sell on eBay lenses and made dead bid .For 5 lenses 5 dead bids !! He send money through PayPal after auction end after return money back and wrote negative feedback that lens not send , look that he wrote in feed back This is rediculous, and ilbelous. I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't even know who this person is you say bid on your lenses. If your thinking of doing business with sergey, do your homework, contact those who have done business and make your own mind up. Sergey in future leave me out of your posts. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?76648-Fs-Set-of-LOMO-Anamorphic-roundfront-F-35-50-75-100-NEW-PL-mout-ARRI-gear/page2
  8. before anyone thinks about buying these lenses, do a bit of research on google, reduser is a good place to dig around.
  9. I am interested in buying this light Mark. Plese contact me on indiefilmltd*at*mac.com
  10. If anyone has info on an Alexa 4:3 for sale, please drop me an email. indiefilmtld@mac.com thank you. bob
  11. william, i have a Canon 11.5 - 138 i am probably selling if your interested drop me a line indiefilmltd@mac.com
  12. I should also add that the Red Raw workfow is also fine, we are over the terrible wobblies we had a few years ago. We recently graded a feature i shot on Red MX on baselight system, no problems at all, very straight forward. Skin tones, yes to me the skin tones from the red sensor seems to have a bit of a chroma issue, and the Alexa skin tones do feel smoother, more....well, skin like, pleasing, but most colorists will be ready for that when you walk through the door. I find it a little strange that people more commonly consider shooting and grading prores on the Alexa, however very few people shoot Red then convert to pro res and grade from there. Much more effort seems to be put into grading Red Raw as a workflow than Alexa, probaly Arri's fault for making the Prores look so damn good in the first place. :-)
  13. if you shoot Alexa, shoot RAW. The Gemini is a very budget concious tool, relatively cheap to hire, and very reasonable to purchase, convergent design have an offer at the moment of 2 free 512gb drives with every Gemini 444 purchase!. It really will give you more flexability in post and your colorist will thank you for the RAW files. I'm assumming you will be grading on a system that will be happy to ingest and rip through .ari files with ease. The .ari arriraw files actually take less space than Prores 444 a 512gb SSD on the gemini will give you 50mins of arriraw @ 24fps. There is a lot of hot air spouted regarding the handeling of raw data, it tends to be from people who have very little experience of using it, ( no offence intended to any posters on this thread ) it's just my experinece. Don't get me wrong 4444 is good, but raw will give you more flexability and choices, and that to me is always better.
  14. Richard, please ping me an email and ill get pics of whatever your interested in, i have so much gear on there i'd have to put maybe 15 pics in the post. indiefilmltd@mac.com
  15. Selling a load of kit off. Oconnor 2575B Head with Mitchell mount. Pan Bar, Tie down. Euro Plate, Camera plate, Case. Accept £4250 Arri FF5 HD Base kit, 19mm Adapter, Focus Gear. ( No knobs ) £1500 Vocas 450 Matte box, Swing away ( 15mm ) , 19m studio adapter, Step rings for clip on, Top and side flags. Very solid matte box. 3 x 4 x 5.65 trays. £2000 OBO Slider, Very solid and smooth, mitchell top. £1000 Transvideo titan kit, 1 x TX and 2 X RX with all cables. £1000 Egripment Mini JIb £700 Ronford Baker Tall and Short legs, Transport tubes, Spreader. 150mm Bowl. £1200 OBO for the set. Arri HMI Lighitng: 6K Par arrisun 60 , 6000EB ballast, header, 5 lense set etc £6000 1.2K Arrisun 12 Plus, 1.2/575 ballast 5 lens set £2750 Arrisun 575 Par Kit , 575 ballast. 5 lenses £2000 2K Blonde £150 Please contact for pictures of individual kit. indiefilmltd@mac.com
  16. I'm not sure what youa re trying to achieve mood wise with your lighting choice, but maybe you would have been better getting less lights and having larger sources and bouncing the lights off some material or poly in the roof.
  17. Chris Doyle has a kind of unique system, he straps a cushion to is chest, ike a cushion or pillow from a sofa, and rests his elbows on it, keeps the camera steady but gives plenty of freedom of movement, and it's very inexpensive.
  18. please send details to indiefilmltd*at*mac.com
  19. Very nice solid jib, folds in on itself all compact. 2 cases of weights, purpose made. MOY. £7 https://vimeo.com/37485777 indiefilmltd@mac.com
  20. if intersted in head please mail indiefilmltd@mac.com
  21. Very nice, very smooth , slider. 4FT. Mitchell top. £800 indiefilmltd@mac.com
  22. Sachtler video30 MKII 7+7 in anvil case. £2000 https://vimeo.com/37485776 indiefilmltd@mac.com
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